April Challenge: Run Every Day

A while back I tried to complete a run-every-day challenge that I set myself, however I was unable to complete it… so I decided to try again, but this time instead of announcing it and then feeling foolish when not able to complete it, I kept it to myself except for telling a few running buddies.

And you know what?! I did it! I ran 30 times during the month of April. I had 2 slight ‘adjustments’ during the month 1) I actually started on 31st March & skipped 1st April for a bunch of reasons; 2) I was unable to run on 5th April due to time constraints so I ran twice on the 6th 🙂 So, a total of 30 runs, in 30 days, for a total of 140.06 km’s for the month!

I had 2 simple rules:

  1. Run every day, a minimum of 2km’s per day
  2. HAVE FUN!

And here’s how it went:

Obviously I started off all gung-ho and ready to go, and runs were easy-peasy. I had to really force myself to cut runs short knowing that this was going to be a big month in total.

I had a 10km race in the middle of the month, which ended up being a bit of a fail. My body was feeling fine but mentally I wasn’t ready for the race nor did I want to be racing, so I struggled for most of it, until about the 7th km where my body and mind decided to work together and I flew through the last 3 km’s. Go figure.

The rest of the time was pretty neutral – getting out there every day and doing my thing. Sometimes going a bit hard (especially when it was an interval training session!), sometimes just plodding through my 2 km’s, and sometimes enjoying a nice long, slow run at the track with friends.

The last 5 days were incredibly difficult to get motivated to run. Not that my legs were tired or sore or anything, just that mentally I had had enough. I was thankful that one of those days included a ‘long’ run with friends on the weekend which made that day much more bearable and enjoyable…. while the other days were simply awful and I only just managed the 2km minimum I’d set myself as a rule.

However, on one of those days in the last week, I had scheduled it to be a 5km run-day. I got changed after work to head over to the autodrome, but on my way there decided to head home and run within JVC instead. I made it home, but then only made it as far as lying on my bed for a while, while I argued with myself to get out there and RUN! I eventually convinced myself that I just need to do 2 km’s… not even 15 minutes of running… so get. out.there! And I ended up absolutely loving the run, and doing 4km’s by the end of it! What a great feeling it was 🙂

And then last night when I got home from work I laced up my shoes and headed out the door, with a 5km run in mind, as that would give me 140 km’s for the month.

Not even halfway into the run my body started telling me that it’s time to rest – 30 days of running is now enough. But I was determined to get my 140 km’s so I did around half of the ‘run’ as a walk, but the last km was thoroughly enjoyable as my legs opened up and I dashed home – looking forward to putting my legs up and NOT running.

140.06 km’s in the bag 🙂 The highest monthly mileage I have ever done – the next closest month was 101 km’s in November last year.

Week 20 – FIRST!

My something new (first time) for this week is that I have come FIRST in this week’s gym challenge!!!

The challenge lasts a month and each week there is a new set of exercises that need to be done – as any reps as you can, in 10 minutes. There are 3 exercises, each with a number of reps, and you then repeat those 3 exercises as many times as you can to tally up a total number of reps completed in the 10 minutes.

Last week I finished in third place in the challenge, and this week I have finished first (just for this week – overall standings I am second place, for now).

The challenge was:

10 box jumps; 15 push ups with a step; 20 sit ups with 7 kg ball

For the box jumps you were able to just step up onto the box to a) reserve energy, and b) it was actually faster than doing a jump. 10 times.

For the push ups with a step, you do a push up on the ground while in between 4 steps laid out, then you step your hands and feet up onto the step, then back down into a push up on the floor (kinda like the dude in the video below, but only with ONE step!). 15 times.

And finally you end off with sit ups, holding a 7 kg ball – you need to take the ball over your head, touch the ground, then bring it all the way up and touch your toes / the floor in front of you. 20 times.

Now repeat that as many times as you can! Go!

I managed to smack out 4 full rounds (180) plus an additional 4 steps which immediately took me to first place 🙂 Now I just had to hold my breath for the next few hours until all participants had finished their rounds, and hope that I stayed on top!

And when the results were released last night, there it was: Hazel in First place!

Week 19 – Take Three!

This week’s something new comes in Three’s – three ingredients, third place, three times a week. 3. Three.

Three times a week

I’ve joined a new gym! It’s a kickboxing gym… so I’m now doing kickboxing 3 times a week 🙂 Something has clicked inside me and I cannot get enough of kickboxing lately, so I wanted to find somewhere other than my current class, somewhere that I can really focus on my boxing and get really good, putting all of my learning to practice and not just punching at bags all the time.

The gym I have joined was recommended by a friend and I am absolutely in love! I am now going there twice a week, with still one visit to my old gym. Three times a week. I can already feel a difference, so watch this space!

Third place

After I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked in the last gym challenge I did, I was chatting to one of the gym instructors and he told me that there’s a new challenge for the month of May, starting on 5 May – I was just in time to join it!

The challenge runs weekly and has different exercises each week. You need to complete as many reps of the given exercises as you can in 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes of pushing yourself.

This week: 20 kettle bell swings, 15 burpees over a box, 10 x 10m shuttle run. Repeat as many times as you can in 10 minutes. Go! I scheduled a timeslot and rammed out as many reps as I could, feeling pretty dead at the end of my 10 minutes. But when the weekly results were announced last night – I am sitting pretty in third place for the first week of the challenge. Boom! 🙂

Three ingredients

While scrolling through Facebook today I came across a breakfast recipe that sounded delicious, so I made note of it, thinking that I’d make it sometime over the weekend. And then I got home and couldn’t decide what to have for dinner so I went with the breakfast recipe that has only 3 ingredients: 1 banana, 2 eggs, olive oil.

Mash up the banana, add in the eggs, heat a pan, pour blobs into the pan, cook, eat. Yum! The recipe called for adding honey onto the pancakes, but I decided to go for some peanut butter and avocado. Double Yum! Make that Triple 😉