Challenges and training

Yesterday I started a new 30-day challenge. These seem to keep me motivated to get my butt into action and do some working out while I’m taking a cheeky little running hiatus while the temperatures and humidity are too high for me.

Wanna know what it is? Take a look below:


I’ve changed it slightly because I’m not a fan of doing lunges so instead of lunges I’m doing abductor and adductor exercises with a band across my calves.

abductors     adductor

But then to make life a little bit more interesting and to really get me back into the game, I am also doing 5 days a week in the gym! 2 x upper body/arms, 2 x abs, and 1 day stairs training. I am determined to get back to my peak fitness level again so that I can start doing some good runs from August… and enjoy a few Insanity sessions too 🙂 Of course this also means that my eating has to be more focused, and not as much partying on weekends. Race season is just around the corner!

I’ve registered for a 10 mile race on 31st October – lots of training to get done by then!

Bring on the next race season 🙂

4 thoughts on “Challenges and training

  1. Fair play to you! I’m not sure I could do this – that said the World Cup has been brilliant for doing core strenghth exercies in front of the TV (when I’m watching that matches at home…) Must look up some runs for the “fall”!


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