Wordless Wednesday: My new toy!

Forerunner 735XT – getting serious with my running now 🙂


Finally – 8.5km’s!

This morning I managed to hit another milestone on the road to recovery – I completed an 8.5km run, without any walk breaks, and with zero pain or discomfort!

And it felt amazing! I loved every second of the run 😀

I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm this morning and lay there for a few minutes while I waited for the alarm to go off… and then I hopped out of bed, got dressed and headed out the door. I was not going to allow any excuses today!

I had no distance plan in mind – I’ve been struggling far too much for that, recently – so I just headed out the door with the plan of ‘KEEP IT SLOW’ in mind. Down to the park, 4 laps to start off with.

As I ran into the park, I came up behind / next to another runner. We kept in line with each other for the first lap. Then the second. Then the third. I then realised that we were kinda pacing each other and it felt great. I decided that I’d aim for 5 laps. Did that. Then thought: hey, let’s get 6 done and then head back towards home and see how you’re feeling then… so I did that. We stayed together the whole time and as I was coming up to the end of my 6th lap, I moved to the right of the track towards the exit gate, and so did he – he was finished his run too! So we said hi, gave each other a hi-five, and I said “Thanks for the run” and carried on, on my way.

I neared home and had just passed the 6km mark, so I decided I’d do a big loop to get to 7km’s. And when I did that and was still feeling fab, I decided I’d loop again to aim for 8km’s… and eventually finished on 8.53km’s. Boy was I stoked with myself!

Now I just need to have a bunch more runs like this to get that motivation back completely…. and continue running through summer 🙂

Running to breakfast: Jamba Juice!

Not exactly a very exciting venue but what IS exciting is the fact that I have been given the green light to increase my distance, gradually, to 10km’s… and to keep running roughly every second day!!!!!!!!!!

So this called for a bit of a celebration with the girls! And a different running venue to just around Jumeirah Village Circle!

So we headed off to Kite Beach to enjoy the track and then follow it up with a jamba juice smoothie after the run 🙂

The run itself was nothing to really talk about – I’m now up to 6km’s – but man does it feel good to be increasing the distance, and running more than 5km’s WITH NO PAIN or discomfort. The next step is 7.5km’s…. then 8.5km’s… then the biggie – 10km’s!!!!

Of course the increase in distance is happening as the temperatures increase so it might be a bit difficult to maintain the plan, but I am going to do my best!

Taken off a Google search as I didn’t take any photos on the day.