Why I think 2018 is going to be an awesome year!

Resolutions, smesholutions… who needs them anyway? Nobody sticks to them for more than a week! Instead, I’m just going to list a bunch (make that 26) reasons why I think 2018 is going to be a great year for me 😀

A – Adventure; I always find ways to throw some adventure into my life… this year will be no different 🙂

B – Beer mile; this will be taking place at some point this year, thanks to my friends Z&S

C – Cats; Olly & Emmett always bring smiles to my face

My darling hearts ❤

D – Date nights; I plan on having lots of these with a certain special someone ❤

E – Essays; Not normally something to call ‘awesome’, but I’m going to learn how to write a killer essay 😉

F – Food; So many new restaurants open, so few meals in the day… will do my best to try as many new places as possible 🙂

G – Girls; I’ve got so many absolutely fabulous friends!

H – Hazy; be all the me that I can be!

I – Instagram; Let’s try get 200, or even 250 (!) followers

J – Jäger; drink lots of this on holiday with the family 😉

K – Karaoke; surely we can get one night of karaoke at some point during the year?! 😉

L – Louvre; I’d love to visit the Abu Dhabi Louvre

M – Massage; treating myself to regular massages

N – No; say no to some social events in order to have some down time, without feeling guilty!

O – Opera; going to watch Evita at the Opera!

P – Personal Best; I want to smash my half marathon time and get it under 2 hours

Q – Quality Assurance; I have to get my company through their Audits to be certified… I can and I will!

R – Running; it deserves 2 spots coz I love it so much… just keep running!

S – Snow; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can this be the year that I have a white Christmas?!?!?!?!?!

T – Travel; there is always somewhere new to travel to!

U – Unforgettable; create lots of those moments that will live on forever

V – Vacation; not always to new places, but getting away from it all always makes a difference! I’ve got a few of these on the cards this year 🙂

W – Whiskey and wine; why not try drinking more of these??

X – X-ams; I write my first set of exams in May – scary and exciting all at the same time (and yes, I cheated on this one 😉 )

Y – Youthful; ‘Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional’ – I will stay young at heart for ever 🙂

Z – Zip line; I reeeeaaalllly want to try this out in Dubai Marina – definitely something to add to the something new list!

Oh yes it is! Bring on 2018!


Week 2 – My very own Polaroid camera!!

This will be the shortest something new post ever!

I was given a Polaroid camera for my birthday (a minion one, mind you!) so I tested it out on one of the best subjects ever: Olly!


Olly ❤

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more polaroid pics to come! (Didn’t want to waste the paper on the first day!)

All my pressies (except the beer that was finished!)… I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Also, a little birdie told me that apparently there is a present coming all the way from Arkansas for me 😉

Week 25: A bit of nothingness

vfbgtcv          ju                                                        mmmmmmmjjjjjngdmhf              dhtrdhhzd

The above is Olly’s first attempt at typing… and since I have absolutely nothing to offer for my something new this week, I’ve decided to just let this be it 🙂

Here’s Olly playing with his tail….