Week 20 – FIRST!

My something new (first time) for this week is that I have come FIRST in this week’s gym challenge!!!

The challenge lasts a month and each week there is a new set of exercises that need to be done – as any reps as you can, in 10 minutes. There are 3 exercises, each with a number of reps, and you then repeat those 3 exercises as many times as you can to tally up a total number of reps completed in the 10 minutes.

Last week I finished in third place in the challenge, and this week I have finished first (just for this week – overall standings I am second place, for now).

The challenge was:

10 box jumps; 15 push ups with a step; 20 sit ups with 7 kg ball

For the box jumps you were able to just step up onto the box to a) reserve energy, and b) it was actually faster than doing a jump. 10 times.

For the push ups with a step, you do a push up on the ground while in between 4 steps laid out, then you step your hands and feet up onto the step, then back down into a push up on the floor (kinda like the dude in the video below, but only with ONE step!). 15 times.

And finally you end off with sit ups, holding a 7 kg ball – you need to take the ball over your head, touch the ground, then bring it all the way up and touch your toes / the floor in front of you. 20 times.

Now repeat that as many times as you can! Go!

I managed to smack out 4 full rounds (180) plus an additional 4 steps which immediately took me to first place 🙂 Now I just had to hold my breath for the next few hours until all participants had finished their rounds, and hope that I stayed on top!

And when the results were released last night, there it was: Hazel in First place!

2 thoughts on “Week 20 – FIRST!

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