Week 17 – Eddie Izzard!

I was introduced to Eddie Izzard by a friend of mine, possibly about 14 years ago (holy smokes that makes me sound old!)

One of my favourite, and probably one of his most well-known skits is The Death Star Canteen:

Anyway, a few weeks ago, a post came up on Facebook that Eddie was going to be in Dubai for one night only performing his Force Majeure show – there was no way I was going to miss this! So I immediately booked tickets and arranged to meet up with a few friends.

It’s pretty difficult to explain Eddie Izzard if you’ve never watched any of his shows before, but in a nutshell, he’s a transgender stand-up comedian who wears trade-mark red nail polish, high heels and quite often a dress when performing. And he is incredibly funny!!! He also ran 27 marathons in 27 days and has acted in a whack of movies, including the Ocean’s 11-series.

I digress. Back to the night in question.  Because we’re in the UAE we were concerned that he’d maybe ‘tone down’ his show for this particular audience but thankfully he did nothing of the sort – even donning his usual red nail polish, and of course, the show was hilarious! And definitely not toned down at all! I’m not going to ruin it for you by giving away anything, however, I highly recommend going to see this show if he visits your city 🙂


One thought on “Week 17 – Eddie Izzard!

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