It’s finally happened – I’ve started my challenge to run everyday 🙂

It’s only been 2 days, and to be honest I’m going to have a few cheeky rest days because I’m training for a half marathon taking place on 20 March but on those “rest” days I will do either kickboxing or an insanity workout. No more letting sickness, travels, or anything else stop me!


I’d hoped for an 8 km run yesterday but my mental distance calculator was a bit off and the route ended up being onl 7.73 km’s. Boo. But it was still a good run – expect for the 1st and last kilometres where I had to stand waiting for the traffic lights at the main road. Completely messed up my time 😦 You can see how my in-between km’s were all fairly consistent, and then the first was approx. 45 seconds slower than the rest… and the last one is about 1.5 minutes slower! Standing waiting at a traffic light/robot/signal.


Then today’s run was just a quick one around the block 🙂


2015 challenge(s)


(photo taken from a Google search)


I’m a little bit early in posting this because I doubt I’ll get to my blog much (work and then preparations for the new year / birthday party)… and then 1 January I will be nursing a rather large hangover, remnants of the party from the night before 😉 

2014 had a bit of a bump to the start in the personal/relationship side of life, as well as once again being made redundant in this ever-changing Dubai life, but it has finished off really well for me – making some new, amazing friends, having enjoyed some amazing time back home with family (possibly one of my favourite visits back home!), attending 3 weddings during the year (in 3 different countries!), travelling to new places, finding a new, fantastic job, and learning a lot about what I really want out of life.

So, I’ve decided that because the year is ending off so well I’d like to start 2015 off with some resolutions… something I never do because generally they get forgotten about within the first 2 months of the year (I know you do it too, so stop pretending you don’t!)

I’ve decided to give myself just two and I’m going to blog about them because that way I am more committed to them, and you get to share in my experiences with me 🙂

They’re easy….

  1. Run every day –  (to the best of my ability) I will start this challenge after the RAK half Marathon in Feb. My reason is because my training program for that calls for rest and cycle (or swim) days and I plan on following the training schedule to a T (am hoping for a new personal best this year 🙂 ). Also, the runs don’t have to be any kind of lengthy distance… merely a 3km quick jog will do if it’s been a tough week or has had lots of mileage already completed.  I don’t want to overdo my running and end up injuring myself so I will listen to my body the whole way through the year and if I’m feeling tired on a run that’s meant to just be a “get out there and run” run, then I’ll call it quits and head home.
  2. Try something new each week – that’s 52 new things to complete this year… it can be anything from starting up a conversation with a stranger to completing one of my bucket list items to changing my hairstyle (not sure I’ll actually do this though!) I’d like to thank Catch52 for the inspiration for this one.

You can follow my adventures in the newly created tab at the top of my blog specific for these challenges – look out for the post every Saturday 🙂

Anyone else have any interesting resolutions?