2019 Week 11 – Egypt

In sort of typical Hazel’s travel escapades, I’ve recently tried to cram as much as possible into the shortest amount of time possible.

Time scale: after work on Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning 8:30am for work

Things accomplished:
– home to pack my suitcase (Thursday after work)
– birthday drinks with a friend (Thursday night)
– home for a quick nap with the cats (Thursday night)
– 2am (Friday morning) head to airport
– flight at 5am, to Cairo (Friday morning)
– arrive Cairo 7am Friday morning (local time) and meet with friends, change hit the town
– back to the hotel 4pm to change, pre-drinks and then 6pm head off to the concert venue
– watch THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS live, right in front of the Giza pyramids (Friday night)
– home by about midnight and get some sleep (Friday night still)
– up at 7:30am, breakfast, plans for the day made, depart hotel by 10am (Saturday morning)
– tour of (part of) Cairo, horse rides, pyramids, sphinx, lunch, museum, home by 6pm (Saturday evening)
– pack bag again, head to airport for 8pm check-in, 10pm flight (Saturday night)
– arrive back in Dubai 4am Sunday morning (local time)
– 2 hours of sleep at home with the cats (Sunday morning)
– 7:30am alarm for 8:30am arrival at work

Successful. Best time ever. Such great memories. Building forever friendships. Travelling the world.

Birthday drinks in Dubai

Arrival in Cairo – view of our hotel over the Nile

2019 Week 9 – Dubai International Boat Show

‘Dave’ and I visited the Dubai International Boat Show this past weekend…. something that neither of us has done before.

Unfortunately we left the credit card at home so there was no buying of a new yacht 😦

But we did have fun looking at the yachts, and got to enjoy a spectacular sunset, chilling out on beanbags on the sand. It was a fabulous way to end off a weekend!

Doing things in style – VIP status!

Dubai skyline at sunset ❤

Boat sunset views


Week 52 – Helsinki for my birthday!

Another tick off the country list! That makes 41 visited now 🙂

I decided to be completely spontaneous and totally random for my birthday / new year this year (er, make that 2018… delayed publishing of this post, sorry!) and I ended up in Helsinki with my friend La La.

It was cold. It snowed. It was the best fun!

We didn’t have much planned other than just hanging out in Helsinki because:

  • We didn’t book enough of a holiday to venture up further north to try see the northern lights
  • We just wanted to enjoy the cold and snow and do something a bit random for new year

Helsinki itself doesn’t have much to do and is very easily doable in 3 or 4 days… even if parts of those days are filled with snow, or raining, or only consist of 6 hours of sunlight 😛

Prior to arrival we purchased the Helsinki Card which gives you unlimited access to public transport, includes a sightseeing tour, and offers discounts on entry at various museums etc., as well as discounts on restaurants, shopping etc.

Helsinki is a relatively small city center and you’re pretty much able to walk everywhere, but having the tram use is a big help when you’ve been walking for hours and all you want is to get back to your hotel room and put your feet up as it starts getting dark at 4pm.

There are many bars and pubs and restaurants around the city center, with most of them offering interesting cocktails or shot creations… it’s just a matter of finding some of them as they’re not in-your-face advertised – but we found that to be part of their charm!

For New Year we decided to try out the free-entry gathering on Senate Square where they had bands and DJ’s performing all night, with a spectacular fireworks display at midnight. Everything is in Finnish though, so unless you speak the language, don’t plan on understanding anything they’re saying, or singing to you 😉

Definitely goes down as one of my favourite holidays – just so completely random, and filled with snow!