Week 29 – BEER MILE!

I have finally done it – I have completed a beer mile… without chunking!

And I even managed to convince a few of my crazy friends to do it with me… in the middle of summer… in Dubai! (Although only one of them completed it properly with me with 4 beers and 4 laps finished.)

So, for those not in the know, a beer mile is relatively simple… down a (can of) beer, run 400m; down a beer, run 400m; down a beer, run 400m; down a beer, run 400m… to give you 4 beers and 1.6 kms (or a mile) completed, in as little time as possible.

The Team!

The first beer’s easy… especially in the summer heat, followed by a relatively easy 400m around the block. But that’s when things start getting tricky… the second beer takes a little more concentration but after a few gulps we were out the gate and around the block again.

First beer down the hatch!

Beer #3 arrives… beer #3 disappears down the throat and you’re off again… at one point being overtaken by Double R who shouted out “This is a race, isn’t it?!” while I had to focus on not burping too much in the hopes that my pizza would stay down 😂

And then we finally make it back in for beer #4… which definitely took the most concentration, and the most time to get down… but once we were all finished, we ran the last lap together, proudly coming in at the end of the 400m, having gulped down 4 beers, and smashed (to the best of our ability under the given circumstances) 1.6kms in 15:55!
Which was promptly followed by cracking open another beer to celebrate our joint victories!


Massive thanks to Z&S for hosting, and to Buki, Nads and Double R for taking part in my craziness!

And just to put it in perspective, here’s Corey Bellemore, the current Beer Mile World Champion, truly showing us all how it’s done, in 4:33!!!!!

Week 50 – Red Ivory wedding venue

I’m becoming quite the pro at fly-in visits to family & friends – especially if there’s a wedding involved. And this past week was no exception!

Family-friends of my family (?!) got married in South Africa (coz that’s where they’re from, and live), in Johannesburg, at a place called Red Ivory. And boy was it spectacular! And lots of fun!

I don’t have much to say for this blog post (saving my words for my degree 😉 ) but the photos should do it justice. Enjoy 🙂

Week 35 – Jones the Grocer Cheese and Wine

The summer months in Dubai can be very quiet – most people use this time to travel (especially if you have kids as they’re on summer break), and generally work gets a bit quieter, shops get quieter, the whole city just chills out a bit.

So after a few of my friends had finished with their big summer travels I decided to get us all together for a catch up – and what better way to do it than around a table filled with cheese, and unlimited wine?!

Jones the Grocer have recently started having Thursday night Cheese & Wine nights – it’s AED199 per person for a cheese board, and unlimited red or white.
Should you not be a wine-person, then you are welcome to still order off their menu and enjoy anything else that they have to offer… and they’re in the entertainer so if you’re hungry and the cheese board doesn’t fill you up, you can go mad with their delicious food menu 🙂

I’m not a huge wine connoisseur (or anything of the sort in fact!) so I very much stick to the one kind I know… but everyone else seemed to enjoy the selection that they had on offer!


Us 🙂 ❤