100 days of Happy Hazy

One hundred days ago I read a blog in which the author challenged us to try be happy for 100 days in a row.

I thought that since it’s the start of a new year and I was actually feeling pretty happy about life already that I’d give it a go… and so every day for 100 days following the day I saw the post (6th January 2014, finishing on 15th April), I wrote down one thing to be happy for.

It wasn’t always easy to find something to be happy about everyday, but on the days that things weren’t great (arguments with friends/family/just having a down day), I’d try find a silver lining in something… anything. Thankfully though, most of the days were just your average kind of day with nothing out of the ordinary (happy or not) happening in my life, and then there were a few days where I was truly happy from the moment I woke up until I climbed back into bed to snuggle Cliffy.

Here are my days:

Day 1 – Finding a blog that wishes for everyone to be happy 🙂

Day 2 – Raining in the morning, but all clear for my evening run

Day 3 – First aid training at work

Day 4 – Enjoyed shisha and good chat with a friend

Day 5 – Fun night out with friends

Day 6 – Michael Jackson @ Cirque du Soleil

Day 7 – Public holiday and had 3 seats (emergency exit) to myself on the plane

Day 8 – Cold in Kurdistan but I was prepared

Day 9 – Landlord confirmed that I can stay in my apartment for another year – at the same rent!

Day 10 – Did some much-needed soul-searching

Day 11 – Excellent night out with friends

Day 12 – Archery

Day 13 – A day of true happiness – felt genuinely happy all day

Day 14 – Great gym workout

Day 15 – Laughed at my cat’s silliness in the evening

Day 16 – Awesome run; fastest km time ever

Day 17 – Work annual lunch

Day 18 – Early to bed in preparation for tomorrow’s race

Day 19 – Ran 10km race in 57:23 and had fantastic night with friends

Day 20 – Lunch (and sneaky beer) with a friend

Day 21 – Excellent 13km run

Day 22 – Super productive day and booked Italy hotels with a friend

Day 23 – Ladies night = free drinks

Day 24 – Supper club night; saw my girls

Day 25 – Another truly happy day, AND enjoyed a great 12km run

Day 26 – Arrived in SA

Day 27 – Partied with my sister

Day 28 – Lovely day in the sun listening to live music

Day 29 – Catching up with friends in SA

Day 30 – Lovely family dinner

Day 31 – Another day catching up with SA friends

Day 32 – Watched The Rocky Horror Picture show theatre production

Day 33 – Lovely day doing bridesmaid stuff with the bride-to-be

Day 34 – Milo milkshake with my sister

Day 35 – Home to my Cliffy

Day 36 – Ran an easy 10km’s, after struggling in SA

Day 37 – Cooked a meal for myself

Day 38 – Supper club night

Day 39 – Free upgrade at hotel for half marathon

Day 40 – Personal best time in half marathon (2:14:06), Valentine’s day with a great friend

Day 41 – Randomly bumped into friends

Day 42 – Made delicious, healthy protein bites

Day 43 – Spontaneous night out catching up with friends

Day 44 – Excellent kickboxing class

Day 45 – Yummy dinner out with friends

Day 46 – Night out dancing with friends

Day 47 – Picnic, Blue Marlin, Rolling Stones

Day 48 – Surprise weekend visit from an old friend

Day 49 – Excellent 15km run

Day 50 – HALFWAY; Great upper body workout

Day 51 – Tough one, but then went home to cuddles from Cliffy

Day 52 – Training at work; Skype chat with a good friend

Day 53 – First time ever going out at midnight to meet up with friends… and had the best night!

Day 54 – Excellent girls night out

Day 55 – Random banter

Day 56 – Insane abs workout

Day 57 – Movie night at a friends place, complete with popcorn and pizza

Day 58 – Meeting new people

Day 59 – Jet bath with bubbles

Day 60 – Chilled night at home and early to bed

Day 61 – Fabulous half marathon 2:17:28

Day 62 – Day 2 of 40-day exercise

Day 63 – Cliffy’s anniversary – had the monster 1 year today

Day 64 – Baked very successful egg muffins

Day 65 – Cooked a tasty biryani-style dish for myself

Day 66 – Pedicure during office hours and movie night

Day 67 – Felt pretty good all day; Insanity fitness test

Day 68 – Awesome party with friends

Day 69 – Lots of post-birthday party drinks

Day 70 – Chilled with Cliffy

Day 71 – Work is getting busier

Day 72 – All about me day – foot and back massages

Day 73 – Girls dinner

Day 74 – Home by 9pm after an enjoyable night out with work

Day 75 – First run since NBAD half marathon

Day 76 – Miracle Gardens visit

Day 77 – Visa renewal

Day 78 – Early morning 6km run

Day 79 – Random late night dinner with friends

Day 80 – World Cup dress shopping with a friend

Day 81 – Crazy insanity workout

Day 82 – Fabulous yacht party

Day 83 – World Cup horse race

Day 84 – Very tired but no hangover from races yesterday

Day 85 – Italy visa applied for

Day 86 – Cooked myself dinner and early to bed

Day 87 – Italy visa is ready for collection already!

Day 88 – UB40 concert (in the rain)

Day 89 – Al Qasr brunch

Day 90 – Ferrari World

Day 91 – Collected Italy visa

Day 92 – Woke up with neck spasm (not fun), but the drugs that came with it were 😉

Day 93 – Very productive day at work

Day 94 – Neck feeling much better, general happiness all day

Day 95 – Good day at the office

Day 96 – Morning run, no neck pain

Day 97 – Chillaxing with Cliffy

Day 98 – Very productive meeting day

Day 99 – Very productive meeting and great client dinner

Day 100 – No hangover from last night’s dinner



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