Summer Running Recap

I was pretty quiet through the summer – at least, on here I was, but out there I was pounding the pavement as often as possible, making sure I kept up my runs, sweaty and difficult as they may be.

It’s not easy running through the summer in the desert where temperatures are constantly above 40Β ΒΊC, and humidity rising to 100% (yes – that happened last weekend!), but I do enjoy getting out there and continuing to run.

The runs become less frequent, shorter and slower, with many walk breaks, but they never stop…

So, with the temperatures now starting to drop ever-so-slightly, I thought I’d share a recap of my summer runs as I start preparing for the 2017/2018 running season – I’ve already registered for 2 races with a few more on the horizon!


June was the quietest month with only 37km’s run in total.


July was also fairly quiet with only 42.5 km’s, but 2 of those runs were on holiday in South Africa, and one of them on holiday in Mauritius!


August was a much better month as I started getting back into the swing of things, holiday mode off, and running regularly with running buddies – a total of 72.4 km’s run! πŸ™‚


The perfect hangover cure

In our house, we like to party. An array of nationalities thrown together in a house full of fun, laughter and friendship.

Which means that we not only live together, but we also party together… ergo, we have hangovers together πŸ˜‰

Rugby 7’s!

And one of our favourite ways to cure a hangover is to gather on the couch once everyone starts coming to life, order pizza, followed by ordering curry later on that day / night, and watching our favourite YouTube videos, and/or our latest house series.

Some of our favourite videos include:

And so far, some of our best house series’ have been: