Insane fitness

At the beginning of this year I was introduced to Shaun T and his Insanity workouts. As you may recall, at the time I was working for a company that encouraged exercise during the workday which allowed me to regularly do the workouts and become quite familiar with them.


My fitness levels spiked during this time, but then with the change of jobs I have found it difficult to find the time to add in the workouts on top of my running outside of office hours and the occasional gym workout… BUT, that is all about to change!

I have noticed that because of no longer doing kickboxing, pilates and heavily-committed gym workouts my legs have (obviously) lost a fair amount of strength, and it is now starting to affect my knee… So, it is time for me to get back into a proper fitness routine before it’s too late – regardless of how difficult it is to “find the time”. I am now making the time!

I have started with doing the Shaun T Insanity Fitness test and will be incorporating Insanity workouts into my weekly routines when not out running… and the best way to stay committed to doing this is to share my progress with you!

So, here’s how I’ve started off in the Fitness Test (which I have to say, although difficult, I was not far behind the 2 people in the video 😉 )

Switch kick Power squat Power Knee Power jumps Globe jumps Suicide jumps Pushup jacks Low plank obliques
16 Oct 107 40 50 20 5 15 21 40



Here’s to my fitness getting back on track, and my running going from good to great!

NBAD half marathon 2014

Three weeks after RAK I decided to run another half marathon, this time at the Emirates Golf Club, just 10 minutes away from my house.

I unfortunately didn’t get much training in between then and now (only did one 15km run last week, and an 8km) so I wasn’t putting any pressure on myself to finish in any really great time. I just wanted to get out there and see if I could do another half so soon after RAK.

Egg-mayonnaise roll for breakfast as usual, and off I went to the start line. There were possibly about 1000 runners there, split over the half marathon and the 32km run, all starting at the same time.

The course started just outside the clubhouse and headed out of the golf course, crossing over a small sand lot, and then into the roads of the neighbouring Emirates Hills where running took place on the road or the foot path. I was very impressed with the marshalls on this race stopping the traffic to let runners through, and the odd person waking up and standing in their garden cheering us on 🙂


I kept my pace really well with every kilometer being a little over 6 minutes (the fastest one being 6:04), and I was feeling fabulous! I shared most of the first half of the race with a girl who kept about the same pace as me which was great to help with my pace (and me with hers). My knee gave a little bit of hassle at about 12km’s – possibly due to the grass / sand etc. that we’d had to run on for short distances – but I was able to run through it and it went away a short while later. 14km’s down and I started feeling a bit tired so I gobbled down a gu chomp but it didn’t have the vooma I was hoping for (probably took it too late) and so I ended up walking for most of the 15th kilometer 😦

But, at 16km’s I started running again and I finished with a strong sprint at the end for a finish time of 2:17:28 🙂

I was very happy with my finish time – only 3 minutes short of my PB at RAK 3 weeks ago, and I felt pretty strong not long after crossing the finish line 🙂 At the end I bumped into the girl whom I’d shared a bunch of kilometers with and said hi – it was her first half and she did very well, although said “Never again!”


(My endomondo clocked me at 21.56 km’s and 2:17:50 because I started it a short while before crossing the start line)

The weather is starting to heat up here and while we still have about 2 months of “decent” weather, running will get harder as the temperatures and the humidity rise… I’m planning on sticking to my running through it all 🙂

I am also starting a 40-day workout program today – I won’t be giving up anything for lent, rather adding something into my life. For the next 40 days (ok, 39 after my run this morning) I will be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Now for another nap and then post-run celebrations this evening!

My strange knee

For those who have been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll recall that I had major knee issues in 2011/2012 that stopped me from running altogether. I went to some painful but extremely beneficial physiotherapy and a few months down the line I was up and (literally) running again. And I haven’t looked back since.

Until this morning’s run.

My physio told me that I am one of a very few people who CANNOT run on a treadmill because my knee does not like the resistance. And this morning my knee told me that it does not like soft(er) surfaces at all… give me hardcore pavement, bricks, tar, cement and my knee is happy. But don’t give me grass, sand, treadmills or anything that involves uneven terrain!

On my run today I chose a slightly new route that I’ve only run once before (and had no issues) but I knew that it was 12km’s so off I went. The route is mostly pavement and road, but there are some parts which are sand (from construction and therefore very uneven) and grass (slopes!). And when I got to the grassy slope parts my knee started giving me the same hassles that it gave me years ago…. I was not happy 😦

So I tried to run a bit hard through the pain to get off the grass and lo and behold… a few meters back on the pavement and my knee was good as gold. Huh?!

I’m hoping this is not a sign of things to come, so I will be staying off grass and sand (and uneven) runs for now – good thing I decided to not enter the Wadi Bih run –  and just keep at my road running, since it does me well.

RAK half marathon in 15 days!

30 Jan 2014 – 12km’s