Running to breakfast – Kite Beach

With the temperatures starting to soar at the moment, the runs are potentially getting shorter, slower and less frequent.

However, I have really started loving my long(er) runs one morning of the weekend and I intend carrying them through, right until the end of summer…. and so this past weekend I rounded up a small group of 4 (including me) and we headed off to the kite beach running track where we could each do our own distance without worry of losing each other too much.

My goal was 10 km’s, and the others didn’t really have a distance in mind, so we all set off and then pulled off when they had had enough.

And after all of that, we headed to breakfast!

We decided on having breakfast just there at kite beach, at a café / restaurant called Park Place…. very yummy fresh juices and basic, but delicious meals. Win Win 😀

Running to breakfast – Al Qudra

Al Qudra is a well-known cycle track out in, pretty much, the middle of nowhere, towards the vast open desert lands. Dubai Municipality have taken the initiative to pave a pathway for cyclists that runs parallel to the road, but separate from the road for safety’s sake.

But are runners allowed there?

Al Qudra cycling track parking lot

Well, my running buddies and I decided we’d give it a try and find out the hard way – we just arrived there one morning, hopped out the car bikeless, and hoped for the best.

Since it was our first time to this area we decided to test out the ‘facilities’ and were completely wowed by them – a totally nondescript building from the outside, but upon entering it’s as if you’re stepping into a hotel’s toilet facilities. Beautifully and tastefully decorated, lockers running along the one wall, shower and separate changing stalls along another wall, and then a row of toilets. Completely unexpected great start to our run 🙂

The nondescript facilities 🙂

Once we’d got that out of the way we headed outside and did a bit of a warm up, questioning if we’d actually be able to run as we saw only cyclists all around us. We eventually decided to ask a group of cyclists and they were extremely helpful and friendly – giving us the advice to ensure we stayed left (facing oncoming traffic), and enjoy!

So we set off, with no distance in mind – just to run until we felt like turning around, and then run back. The track, and scenery, are exceptionally boring, but this is a very safe area to get some decent mileage in, without being too crowded.

The track, parallel to the road

The temperatures are starting to make life rather difficult and so after only about 6km’s we really started feeling the heat and were all very glad that we were only 1-ish km’s away from being back at the start line… and we now had breakfast to look forward to!

Running buddies 🙂

After our first choice of location was shut for maintenance, we landed up at Nathalie’s in Sports City for breakfast. We all immediately ordered delicious freshly squeezed juices of different flavours, and then got the food orders stuck in, which we pretty much managed to wolf down. Yum!

Running to breakfast – Marina

This past weekend I managed to make it out to a nice run on Friday morning, and incorporate it with breakfast afterwards again… it’s been a while since I last did this!

Nat and I headed to the marina for a run this time; not entirely sure of the exact distance we’d do, but it was sure to be somewhere around 9 km’s or so.

We headed off across the bridge from where we’d parked, looped down onto the boulevard and ran the loop around to the top end of the marina, up over the bridge, and back onto the boulevard.

At this point I decided I needed a little walk break so we walked for a short way, then got going again, along the boulevard back to where we’d parked, pushing ourselves a bit at the end as we ran up the stairs for the grand finale. Shoo. That was hard work, but it felt great… especially since we had breakfast to now look forward to!

We decided on Little More Café at Dubai Marina Mall, and met up with some friends to join us for a delicious breakfast and some well-deserved iced tea / coffees to quench our thirsts!