Running to breakfast: Jamba Juice!

Not exactly a very exciting venue but what IS exciting is the fact that I have been given the green light to increase my distance, gradually, to 10km’s… and to keep running roughly every second day!!!!!!!!!!

So this called for a bit of a celebration with the girls! And a different running venue to just around Jumeirah Village Circle!

So we headed off to Kite Beach to enjoy the track and then follow it up with a jamba juice smoothie after the run 🙂

The run itself was nothing to really talk about – I’m now up to 6km’s – but man does it feel good to be increasing the distance, and running more than 5km’s WITH NO PAIN or discomfort. The next step is 7.5km’s…. then 8.5km’s… then the biggie – 10km’s!!!!

Of course the increase in distance is happening as the temperatures increase so it might be a bit difficult to maintain the plan, but I am going to do my best!

Taken off a Google search as I didn’t take any photos on the day.

Week 50 – Christmas Season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

And because it’s such a jolly season, it means that we get to be jolly, and act silly and have fun times with great friends – which is exactly what I’ve done this past week 🙂

  1. I bought a Christmas sweater and got to enjoy wearing it out at our own little sweater party night out
  2. Dave Minion got to join us, all decked out in his brand new Christmas Coat
  3. I went for a run on the beach with Nat & Sara, donned in our Christmas colours and Christmas hats
  4. And completely unrelated to the festive season but part of my something new for the week: I ate a cauliflower-based pizza for dinner after our run. This wasn’t quite running to breakfast, but it was running to food 😉

Christmas Sweater Party 🙂

Dave Minion in his Christmas gear 🙂

Beach run with the girls 🙂

Cauliflower-based pizza… YUMMY!

Running to Breakfast: Home cooking :)

A slight variation on the whole running to breakfast series but hey, there was running, there was breakfast, ergo, Running to Breakfast continues 🙂

I haven’t done a Friday morning run in a few weeks so this past weekend my friend Zune asked if I’d be interested in a run, and she’d cook me breakfast afterwards… how does one say no to that?!

I then got Sara & Ellie involved, who in turn got another friend Tori involved, and boom! 5 girls heading out early on a Friday morning for a run around Victory Heights 🙂

The suburban streets of Victory Heights

We met up at Zune’s place at 7am and headed off. The loop around the outer perimeter is approximately 6km’s so Zune & I said we’d do one loop, while the rest of the girls were aiming for a 14km run.

We took it nice and slow, very easy conversational (a.k.a fat loss!) pace. When we arrived back at the house, Tori decided to head inside with us while we left Sara & Ellie to finish off their 14km run… and so we headed in and started getting breakfast ready!

Once the others had finished their run, we sat down to a healthy, delicious home-cooked breakfast! Winning!