What I’ve learned from running everyday

In February I set out on a quest to run every day…. and along the way I’ve learned quite a bit about running, commitment to running and having, what’s turning out to be, an off year for my running.

  • I get to really play around with my runs – if I don’t feel like going for a long run on a day that was “scheduled” for a long run then I don’t… and it works the other way too; if I’m scheduled for just a quick run around the block but feel like going for 14 km’s then I do 🙂
  • Foam rolling is a lifesaver!
  • It’s actually a great way to help with a hangover – that fresh air and 15 minutes or so of pushing myself around the block is a great head clearer! (When I can drag my lazy butt out of bed though 😉 )
  • I get to practice different types of fuelling on runs without the fear of missing out on a crucial training run if things go wrong with any particular fuel attempt
  • I no longer run because I have to (against the training schedule)… I run because I want to
  • I don’t have to literally run every day – some days my body needs a rest and so I listen to it (or I’m just downright lazy)
  • I need a much bigger playlist
  • I’ve always got great bubble bath at home – a bubble bath after a long run is soooo relaxing
  • I don’t have to feel too guilty when my ice cream craving goes through the roof
  • I’ve learned a lot of different routes and had fun exploring my neighbourhood(s)
  • I love races
  • I hate feeling guilty for skipping a run
  • It became a part of my every day routine, like brushing my teeth (unfortunately the last few off months that I’m having has meant that there’s been a decline in the every day routine of running 😦  )
  • I don’t have to literally run 365 days of the year to call myself a runner
  • I love running
  • Running is hard work – especially on those days when you really don’t want to
  • I’ve come to love sports massages, even though they hurt at the time – kinda like running 😉
  • No matter how sluggish I am lately in my slump, I’m still a runner and I’m proud to be one
  • I need a lot more sports clothes
  • Strength training is vital for improvement in running – my kickboxing is getting so much better and I’ve recently joined the gym
  • Humid runs are tough work, but oh so rewarding
  • Low fat chocolate milk after a run is awesome
  • I need more running shoes
  • GO RUN!

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