Week 2 – My very own Polaroid camera!!

This will be the shortest something new post ever!

I was given a Polaroid camera for my birthday (a minion one, mind you!) so I tested it out on one of the best subjects ever: Olly!


Olly ❤

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more polaroid pics to come! (Didn’t want to waste the paper on the first day!)

All my pressies (except the beer that was finished!)… I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Also, a little birdie told me that apparently there is a present coming all the way from Arkansas for me 😉


Week 1 – Pyjama party!!!!

My birthday is always overshadowed by the festive season, seeing as though it falls on 31 December! Yes, I realise that it means that EVERYONE parties on my birthday… but it also means that I only get ONE celebration, whereas everyone else gets their birthday (at some point during the year) PLUS they get New Year.

And yes I complain about this every year 😉

But this year I decided that I wanted to have a proper birthday celebration a few days after New Year… so I had a pyjama party!

It was the best fun night! Everyone went the full hog and wore their pyjamas, which meant that everyone was super comfy and cozy all night long 🙂

Week 51 – Prime 68

This past week, while I was still in Dubai, I had a joint early birthday celebration with J because a) our birthdays are one day apart, and b) we’re not going to be together for our birthdays 😥

But we did it fancy pants style and had a fabulous night out at Prime 68 – a steak house on the 68th floor (duh) of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Absolutely breathtaking views of Dubai as you walk in and get taken to your table, and once there, even more amazing views of the beautiful lights all over Dubai – we were luckily there on a supremely clear night to get to really enjoy the stunning views!

The menu, obviously, is chock full of steak options, plus a bit of this and a bit of that… I was not to be distracted by anything other than steak though 😉 We placed our orders and sat back and enjoyed the views wine!

After our starters – wagyu mince balls with a cheesy sauce – the waitress arrived at our table with a display box full of steak knives to choose from. Say what?! Yes, I had to CHOOSE which knife to use for my steak!!


Take your pick!!!!

Of course I had no idea what I was doing (which provided J with some serious chuckles!) so opted for the smallest one… since I have small hands 😀 and proceeded to tuck into my 250g filet steak, served with Prime 68’s signature steak sauce, while J had the dry aged rib eye.

We chose to forego the desserts, but the waitress brought us some mini jam-filled doughnuts, compliments of the chef, to finish off the night 🙂

Overall a super fancy night, with delicious food, stunning views, great service and a fab early birthday mini celebration 🙂