2019 Weeks 12 through to 15 (Whoops!)

OK OK… I get it. You’re tired of hearing me come up with random excuses as to why I once again haven’t updated my something new posts.

I hereby declare there will no longer be any excuses.

Total truth – I just keep letting them slip past.

I am constantly telling my friends: “I need to take photos of this for my something new”, so the posts are right there at the front of my thinking… it’s just that the execution of them is, well, it’s poo. Sorry.

So, here I am with 4 weeks (actually, it’ll only be 3 because week 14 had a big fat zero new in it 😦 )

Week 12 – That time I watched an improv show

Week 13 – That time I made it to the Southern Hemisphere to share my brother-in-law’s birthday with him

Happy Birthday!!

Week 14 – FAIL!

Week 15 – That time at Morimoto brunch

And there you have it folks. Four Three new weeks in life.
I’m not going to promise that I’ll be better… but I do promise that you’ll get another update from me at some point in the future. Whether it’s in one week, or five weeks…. who knows?!

Week 2 – My very own Polaroid camera!!

This will be the shortest something new post ever!

I was given a Polaroid camera for my birthday (a minion one, mind you!) so I tested it out on one of the best subjects ever: Olly!


Olly ❤

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more polaroid pics to come! (Didn’t want to waste the paper on the first day!)

All my pressies (except the beer that was finished!)… I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Also, a little birdie told me that apparently there is a present coming all the way from Arkansas for me 😉

Week 1 – Pyjama party!!!!

My birthday is always overshadowed by the festive season, seeing as though it falls on 31 December! Yes, I realise that it means that EVERYONE parties on my birthday… but it also means that I only get ONE celebration, whereas everyone else gets their birthday (at some point during the year) PLUS they get New Year.

And yes I complain about this every year 😉

But this year I decided that I wanted to have a proper birthday celebration a few days after New Year… so I had a pyjama party!

It was the best fun night! Everyone went the full hog and wore their pyjamas, which meant that everyone was super comfy and cozy all night long 🙂