Week 34: Hot runs, new breakfast spots

Friday mornings have become one of my favourite times to run because it’s a run done with friends 🙂 Sometimes its not much fun setting my alarm for 6am (earlier than I do for work during the week!), but once I’m able to drag my butt out of bed and have that run behind me, it all becomes worth it.

And when I can pair that run with breakfast afterwards – well, there’s not much that can beat that!

So, this past weekend, Ellie, Sara & I headed out for our regular Friday run. We headed down to the beach track which we love, and enjoyed a really comfortable 7km’s at a fabulous conversational pace the whole way. Great catch up times 🙂

On the run we started talking about food – because, why else do we actually run so much?! 😉 – and this led to us agreeing to go for breakfast after the run. Ellie suggested a place just a few minutes from the beach, which was a perfect something new for the week 🙂

H.E.A.T – healthy eats and treats. A menu full of super healthy food, from breakfast items to steaks, burgers, smoothies and treats. And all super yummy and not so harsh on the wallet.


Week 33 – Ferrari World Yas Mall Run

I try and avoid malls at all costs as I end up inevitably buying something that I don’t need… but when my friends Z & S said that they were going to be heading down to Yas Mall for something completely different, I jumped at the opportunity.

This was a chance to RUN through the mall! An organised race of either 2.5km’s, 5km’s or 10km’s. Your choice. Now this sounded like my kind of mall visiting 😉

So, this past weekend we headed down to Abu Dhabi on Thursday night to make a bit of a mini-break of it.

We didn’t necessarily get ourselves a very early night 😳 and had to be up at almost silly ‘o clock, but it wasn’t too much of a drama – our plan for this run was to take it easy and have a laugh – which is exactly what we did!

We ran at a very comfortable pace, chatting and laughing the whole way through the 2 laps… and finished in just under 30 minutes! Not bad for a laugh-a-minute, fun-run, silly morning out!

This was the inaugural race of its type and I must say, hats off to the organisers and the volunteers who made this morning extremely fun and memorable!

The registration and race-number collection was super simple and easy; the start line was well-organised; the track was laid out clearly through the mall, with volunteers to help guide you; the water stations were well-stocked (although we didn’t use them); and they had a big buffet breakfast available for runners after the race – although we ended up eating at Shakespeare & Co. so I cannot comment on what the food was actually like.

We all had a super fun morning out and would highly recommend this run to anyone who’s not tried it 🙂

Running to breakfast – Kite Beach

With the temperatures starting to soar at the moment, the runs are potentially getting shorter, slower and less frequent.

However, I have really started loving my long(er) runs one morning of the weekend and I intend carrying them through, right until the end of summer…. and so this past weekend I rounded up a small group of 4 (including me) and we headed off to the kite beach running track where we could each do our own distance without worry of losing each other too much.

My goal was 10 km’s, and the others didn’t really have a distance in mind, so we all set off and then pulled off when they had had enough.

And after all of that, we headed to breakfast!

We decided on having breakfast just there at kite beach, at a café / restaurant called Park Place…. very yummy fresh juices and basic, but delicious meals. Win Win 😀