Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

This week’s challenge asks us to show photos of something that has been “recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.”

Bit of a tricky one since I’m not the most creative / artsy type of person… but I have been to an event where they thrive on this concept!

Box crates and Trucks - become steps and a picnic area

Box crates and Trucks – become steps and a picnic area

A bus becomes a bar

A bus becomes a bar

An overview of the day out

An overview of the day out

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

A candle-lit dinner, hundreds of fairy lights in the garden, a-gazillion stars in the sky above… these all instill an image of calm, beauty, romance in a person.

And trying to capture that feeling in a photo can quite often be daunting, especially if you are trying to, for example, photograph the stars on a cloudless night.

But sometimes you get it just right, and a photo can really bring out the atmosphere and character of a place or moment in time – the ambience of that photograph.

I’ve put together a few different types of photos and not just gone for the lighting effect… I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

And the last one I had to throw in for good measure – I love the relaxed feeling that you get from looking at this dog having a snooze in the afternoon sun 🙂 ❤


Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

Names are everywhere around us, from the people you know, to the street you live on – they all have names.

This week we were challenged to take photos of names of things. I found this quite easy and have put together a small collection for you… I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂