Week 32 – La Mer

It was time for a date night for us so I incorporated my something new into that when J asked me what I’d like to do… “Let’s try out La Mer and find somewhere there to go for dinner”

So we did!

Probably not the best time of year to be walking around outside – even at night – because it’s HOT, and HUMID… but somehow we managed to time it right that the particular night we went on was only sitting at around 40-something percent humidity. Only.

Anyway, we faced the heat and walked the length of La Mer, looking for somewhere to enjoy dinner.
The place is HUGE and once the weather cools down, I think it’s going to be really lovely to walk along the boardwalk, enjoying ice creams, lunches, dinners etc. They even have a waterpark!

We settled on having Greek for dinner, which I found quite coincidental (and it kinda tugged at my romantic heart-strings) since it was a year ago that weekend that we met in Greece ❀

Dinner was very good – the food was yummy, the service great (hard to not be when there are onlyΒ  a handful of tables in the restaurant), and the price was decent. The food came to the table very quickly too which was good.

I’m pretty sure that once the temperatures die down, that place is going to be a hot spot for everyone to enjoy a night out – they even have a couple of places that are licensed so you’ll be able to enjoy that beer while having lunch or dinner too πŸ˜‰


Week 31 – New running buddies!

Now that I’m fully recovered from my tendinitis, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and upping the number of runs per week, as well as the distances πŸ™‚

Running is very much a ‘loner’ sport – you go out there and you do your thing for yourself.
But it doesn’t always have to be… and so when a running buddy of mine invited me to join their running club that runs in the Marina on Sunday nights I thought: “Why the hell not?!”

It gives me the motivation to run on Sunday nights because I have people to run with, it’s somewhere different to all the JVC-area running that I do since I live in that area, and it’s new faces to run with.

So I’ve done a couple of these now, but the first one was week of 30 July – 5 August, which is when this something new post was supposed to go up…

I’ve really enjoyed running around the marina, and while it’s not actually a new area for me since I lived there for a few years, the group of people is totally new, and each week they try make the runs slightly different to the last just to keep things interesting.
It’s been good exercise getting to include stairs, bridges and even a bit of sand into my runs… anything to keep things fun and interesting out there when your legs are dying and the heat and humidity are killing you πŸ™‚

Week 30 – Girlie spa day

And on to week of 23 – 29 July we go πŸ™‚

A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday and so a bunch of girls all gathered at Zabeel Saray’s Talise Spa for the day to enjoy champagne, massages, lunch, and of course, a bunch of giggles πŸ™‚

I’ve never done this whole spending-a-day-at-the-spa thing and after just a few minutes there I kept asking myself “WHY have I not done this before?”
It was such a chilled, fun way of spending the day with the girls! And of course the relaxing massages helped a ton too!

We booked a package deal for the day which includes unlimited access to the pool, saunas, jacuzzi, plus a 45-minute massage, followed by lunch, and then more unlimited access to the pools, saunas and jacuzzi if you wish πŸ™‚

I highly recommend πŸ™‚