Week 42 – Local is Lekker

“Local is Lekker” is a very well-known South African saying, and this past weekend I got to experience some real “Local is Lekker” at the South African Braai Day, held at Emirates Golf Club, and hosted by House of Afrika… took me right back to a summer’s day in SA!

The doors opened at 2pm, but my friends and I only started arriving around 3:30pm (I arrived closer to 4pm)…. a) because I had stuff to do during the day, and b) because I thought it might be a tad too hot to be there in pretty much the heat of the day.

Thankfully arriving at 4pm wasn’t too hot, and my friends had found a fabulous spot in some shade, which definitely worked in our favour. Shoes were quickly removed and remained off the entire day/night, while we got to enjoy walking around barefoot on the grass🙂

Local South African drinks were very quickly ordered and put into ice buckets next to us and we settled into a day of total chill, listening to some great South African live music. Dan Patlansky and aKing were brought over for the event, and while I’d not heard of either of them, everyone whom I spoke to prior to the event said that they loved aKing, so I knew I was in for a treat!

There was a braai area set up – that’s a barbeque for the non-South Africans😉 – and you were able to either have brought in your own meat, or could purchase braai packs at the venue, and then make use of the braais to cook your own meat. Alternatively, for those lazy buggers like us, you could also buy ready-made (or, made on the spot while you wait) food – all with a South African touch to them. Sadly, there were no boerewors rolls which was a big disappointment, however the pap and wors that we had was really good!

There were Amarula stands, Savanna stands, jumping castles, a petting zoo, arts and crafts, pony rides, touch rugby, frisbee players, koeksisters (which I never knew about at the time😦 !, the braai area, live cooking stations, live music, our national anthem, Mango Groove songs played, great atmosphere, grass, friends. What a great day this was!

And all of this sitting around on the grass all day, listening to music, watching kids (and adults!) run around and enjoy the cooler weather really made me think of days back home where we’d gather around someone’s swimming pool, a braai going in the background, the girls gathering in the kitchen (or the pool!), giggling and catching up on chatter.

Local is definitely Lekker!

PS – you can click on any of the photos to open up a larger gallery view. I recently bought a new lens for my camera, and this was the first time using it and I am super happy with the results🙂

Working out at work

Ever since joining the gym here in the same building as my office, I’ve really enjoyed going to the group training sessions that they have in the mornings. The instructors here are extremely motivational and have really helped me get back in my gym game. I’ve entered a bunch of competitions, done reasonably well in them, and can certainly feel a difference in my body and strength levels.

But, for the past few months there haven’t been any classes because the gym is undergoing renovations and there hasn’t been space to hold big group classes. So, in order to push myself, and help others at the same time, I’ve convinced a couple of my colleagues to join me at the gym, and I run our own “private” training sessions.

I’m by no means a personal trainer, but I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to this so I enjoy putting together sessions that we can push ourselves in, based on our different levels of fitness and strength.

I vary these sessions to include HIIT training, circuit training, or just your standard weights training session, to try keep things interesting… trying to ensure that the sessions are never the same, and always allowing the option of having an easier or harder variation of (most) exercises depending on the fitness level.

I’ve fallen a little bit in love with doing this – it brings back fond memories of my previous job where I was running competitions at the office on a monthly basis – and while I’d never go into this as a career, I do love that my enthusiasm has rubbed off on some people and they are now motivated to get to the gym in the mornings and get a good workout in before starting the day off🙂

A friend told me over the weekend that I have inspired her to run again, so I must be doing something right… and I’m loving it🙂

My mini-circuit one morning

My mini-circuit one morning – squats with ball overhead; burpees over box; kettle-bell swing; standing sit ups with weight; a-squat