Why I think 2018 is going to be an awesome year!

Halfway through the year deserves a bit of a recap on where things are standing 🙂


It’s halfway through the year and so I thought I’d do a quick recap on where I’m standing on making 2018 an awesome year…. here we go!

Resolutions, smesholutions… who needs them anyway? Nobody sticks to them for more than a week! Instead, I’m just going to list a bunch (make that 26) reasons why I think 2018 is going to be a great year for me 😀

A – Adventure; I always find ways to throw some adventure into my life… this year will be no different 🙂 Nothing particularly adventurous has happened yet, but we’ve still got 6 months…

B – Beer mile; this will be taking place at some point this year, thanks to my friends Z&S Still need to get this on the cards, but plans were altered slightly when Z&S had a baby girl in April… 

C – Cats; Olly & Emmett always bring smiles…

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Exciting Stuff!

OK, I know it’s still 2 months away but I’m feeling rather excited about something that’s gonna be happening to me…. (no I’m not getting married 😱 😛)

However, I am going to be saying goodbye to my roommates, and moving into an apartment… just me and the ginger ninjas, Oliver & Emmett Button ❤

My ginger ninjas

I’ll post about the move in detail when it happens, but since I’m so excited and spending some time today getting ideas for my new place, I thought I’d share them with you… and then will be able to share the finished products too once I’m finished!

So…. what are these ideas, I hear you cry?!

Well, I’m going to be digging deep into my creative side once again and doing my apartment up with a bit of flair, fun and fanciness!

Currently in my room I have a painted wall as follows (which I will be copying in the new place):

However, I will now also be adding in two new wall ideas as follows:

A world map wall which will change from black, to coloured as I tick off all the countries that I visit:

A cork pinboard wall that will be filled with polaroid pictures that I take of fun times with friends and family:

Sooooo…. watch this space as the story unfolds 🙂