2019 Week 11 – Egypt

In sort of typical Hazel’s travel escapades, I’ve recently tried to cram as much as possible into the shortest amount of time possible.

Time scale: after work on Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning 8:30am for work

Things accomplished:
– home to pack my suitcase (Thursday after work)
– birthday drinks with a friend (Thursday night)
– home for a quick nap with the cats (Thursday night)
– 2am (Friday morning) head to airport
– flight at 5am, to Cairo (Friday morning)
– arrive Cairo 7am Friday morning (local time) and meet with friends, change hit the town
– back to the hotel 4pm to change, pre-drinks and then 6pm head off to the concert venue
– watch THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS live, right in front of the Giza pyramids (Friday night)
– home by about midnight and get some sleep (Friday night still)
– up at 7:30am, breakfast, plans for the day made, depart hotel by 10am (Saturday morning)
– tour of (part of) Cairo, horse rides, pyramids, sphinx, lunch, museum, home by 6pm (Saturday evening)
– pack bag again, head to airport for 8pm check-in, 10pm flight (Saturday night)
– arrive back in Dubai 4am Sunday morning (local time)
– 2 hours of sleep at home with the cats (Sunday morning)
– 7:30am alarm for 8:30am arrival at work

Successful. Best time ever. Such great memories. Building forever friendships. Travelling the world.

Birthday drinks in Dubai

Arrival in Cairo – view of our hotel over the Nile

Week 41 – Jersey Boys

It was a quiet, pretty routine week for me last week so I’m clutching at straws a bit here for my something new… sure, the show itself was new to me, but the entire outing was doing what we’ve done a few times now – attend a performance at The Dubai Opera.

However, the show was by no means mundane, boring or routine.

It was fantastic!

The show is basically the story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – how they came to be and their up’s and down’s of ‘stardom’, and it’s all presented with some absolutely amazing talent on stage. They had me bouncing around in my seat, singing along, clapping and ‘dancing’ as much as one can while seated 😉

The highlight for me was definitely ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’… which I can’t help but think of ’10 Things I hate about you’ whenever I hear the song 🙂

And here’s the original 🙂

Week 38 – Johnny Clegg, The Final Journey

Months ago when I was over at a friend’s house having dinner, we happened across an advert for Johnny Clegg performing at the Dubai Opera in September. We were 3 South African girls sitting there at dinner and immediately decided that this was something we had to do and so went online and booked tickets right there and then.

Fast forward 3+ months and the day finally arrives. Johnny Clegg performing his Final Journey tour at the Dubai Opera 🙂

The tour was put together as a way for him to travel and say ‘goodbye’ to his fans all over the world; he was diagnosed with cancer approximately 2 years ago 😥

I have been to countless concerts and performances in my lifetime but I have never, NEVER been to a concert that stirs emotion in me like this one did. The constant fighting back of tears as he told us his stories, performed songs that brought back so many memories, and the longing to be back home… well, needless to say that the 3 of us walked out of there, ready to go home and pack our bags and head HOME.

Wherever you are in the world reading this, if the concert is still coming to your town, I absolutely urge you to get tickets and go watch it – especially if you are South African!

I won’t spoil it by telling you anything about the concert, but here are a few photos and some videos that I took on the night ❤