Goodbye Dubai Marina!

I’m sitting in my lounge, typing up the last post that will come from Dubai Marina!

Yup, I’m moving out of the Marina… 2 fabulous years later and the time has finally come for me to say goodbye to the Marina and my gorgeous apartment here! I’ve lived pretty much my entire Dubai-existence in the Marina (there was the 2 months in JBR, and then 1.5-ish years on the Palm but the rest of my 7 years here has been in the Marina.)

And it’s almost exactly seven years since I arrived here. Seven years!!!!!!!!!!!


But, I’m moving on to greener pastures!

I’ll be moving into a villa with some friends – no more apartment-living for me, or my cats! They’ll have trees!!!! And there’s a swimming pool, and a big garden. And humans with whom I can interact with in the evenings… I’ll be able to have actual human conversations and not just meeeoooowwwww (although, don’t get me wrong, I love my cat-talk, and that won’t be stopping 😉 ) But there’s also now someone to look after my cats when I travel (not that I travel that much anymore since I’m no longer travelling for work). And my cats will also have new friends… there are 4 other cats in this house, and a dog. We’re going to be a nice full house.

So Dubai Marina, I bid you farewell, thanks for the fun!

(Photo courtesy Emaar)

(Photo courtesy Emaar)

Wish me luck for the cat/dog introductions!!!

Oh, and let’s not forget about when my cats bring me that first “present” that they’ve found outside for me!


Happy National Day – 9km

I went out for a little 9km run this evening – in fact, when I headed out the door I wasn’t quite sure if it would be 9kms, but that’s what it ended up being. Anyway, I headed out the door, had a rough idea of where I wanted to run (around the marina) in my head and off I went.

For tonight’s run I tested out eating a few m&m’s before leaving the house. I’ve written before about testing out different “energy” suppliers for my longer runs, and m&m’s were one of them… but after tonight’s run I doubt they will be. Not that they did anything bad to me – no tummy side effects whatsoever, and in fact it was weird that I only needed a sip of water pocari sweat around 4km’s, whereas I normally drink around 2.5km’s, but I just don’t think that they would work.

So there I was, running along the marina walk – the first 4km’s were fairly quiet as I was running in the not-so-busy “bottom” area, but as I came up to mall and then beyond, boy did it change!

Kids running around, playing, chasing each other, magically not getting in my way (much) and the most Emirati’s I have EVER seen walking around the marina in one go. It was fabulous! (Even more fabulous because I didn’t have to play dodge-em’s with most of the kids!!)

Of course the reason for this is because it is the UAE’s 43rd National day (week-long) celebrations… and it was great to see everyone out and about enjoying the weather, enjoying the public areas that they are spending sooo much money on developing (I passed a signboard that read “7km’s of landscaped public walkways”)

So my round-about post tonight is to throw in a quick little run post (coz that’s largely what this blog is actually about 😉 ) and then to wish the UAE a fabulously happy 43rd National Day – I am so very proud to call this my home for the past 7 years, and for who knows how many more years to come!


One foot in front of the other…

Well, I certainly cannot say that it’s getting any easier (yet) judging by my times – average times – but my distances are getting longer, and in this 37 °C heat I definitely count that as improving!

When I left work this evening, the sky looked like this:

Sandstorm a-coming!

Sandstorm a-coming!

But I was not going to let that stop me from doing my run tonight!

So, after dinner (a simple yet oh-so-good-for-you egg on toast), I laced up my shoes and off I went – only to be pleasantly surprised that the weather had cleared completely, and had even left behind a small breeze to help cool things off a bit. Thanks!

The run went well – once again keeping it very slow (my silly endomondo is acting up and the voices inside my head are not working… we’re asking the all-knowing if there is anything I can do to fix this annoying bug.) Anyway, because I had no way to monitor my time or distance, I ran a route that I knew would give me approximately 8 km’s. And I took it easy.

The 6th and 7th km’s were a bit tough and I had to stop and give myself a wee rest during both, but overall I think it was a consistent run, and I’m glad to see that although my time is not getting hugely better, it is keeping consistent, and my distances are getting longer. Bring on cooler weather for better results! And my first race on 31st October (unless my work signs up for a triathlon on 18th October in which I’ll be running 5km’s!!)

My last few runs have looked like this:

16 June – 7.54 km’s in 43:20; average pace of 5:45/km

2 July – 5.55 km’s in 37:33; average pace of 6:46/km

7 August – 6.04 km’s in 43:24; average pace of 7:11/km

13 August – 5.32 km’s in 36:00; average pace of 6:46/km

17 August – 7.77 km’s in 53:54; average pace of 6:56/km

Running season – I’m ready for you!