2019 Weeks 12 through to 15 (Whoops!)

OK OK… I get it. You’re tired of hearing me come up with random excuses as to why I once again haven’t updated my something new posts.

I hereby declare there will no longer be any excuses.

Total truth – I just keep letting them slip past.

I am constantly telling my friends: “I need to take photos of this for my something new”, so the posts are right there at the front of my thinking… it’s just that the execution of them is, well, it’s poo. Sorry.

So, here I am with 4 weeks (actually, it’ll only be 3 because week 14 had a big fat zero new in it 😦 )

Week 12 – That time I watched an improv show

Week 13 – That time I made it to the Southern Hemisphere to share my brother-in-law’s birthday with him

Happy Birthday!!

Week 14 – FAIL!

Week 15 – That time at Morimoto brunch

And there you have it folks. Four Three new weeks in life.
I’m not going to promise that I’ll be better… but I do promise that you’ll get another update from me at some point in the future. Whether it’s in one week, or five weeks…. who knows?!

Week 50 – Red Ivory wedding venue

I’m becoming quite the pro at fly-in visits to family & friends – especially if there’s a wedding involved. And this past week was no exception!

Family-friends of my family (?!) got married in South Africa (coz that’s where they’re from, and live), in Johannesburg, at a place called Red Ivory. And boy was it spectacular! And lots of fun!

I don’t have much to say for this blog post (saving my words for my degree 😉 ) but the photos should do it justice. Enjoy 🙂

Week 9 – Ready to pop at Jones the Grocer

Not only was Zuné, who was our guest of honour on Saturday, ready to pop, but all of us left there feeling ready to pop after the delicious food and cake we stuffed our faces with!

The guest of honour ❤

Nadia and I organised a baby shower for our friend Zuné, to be held at the newly opened Jones the Grocer at Emirates Golf Club. Most people will be familiar with the restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road… they’ve now expanded and taken over what was the clubhouse restaurant at Emirates Golf Club. And they’ve done a great job!

This establishment, being associated with the golf club, is able to offer up alcohol and pork options to their already winning menu… it had us very happy at breakfast time!

There’s not much that one could say that’s not already been said / or is known about Jones so I’m not going to try… I will just say that apart from some confusion on getting me an ice bucket filled with water for some flowers (it arrived filled with ice, thinking that it was for wine or similar), our morning was spectacular and we were very well looked after by the waiters. The food was scrumptious, the atmosphere nice and relaxed, and we were able to sit there for hours, chatting away and enjoy very many laughs as one would expect from a table full of girls, enjoying a baby shower 🙂 They even allowed us to bring in our own cakes and bits and pieces for the baby shower, which was greatly appreciated!

If you’re a big fan of Jones, but find their SZR location a bit ‘far out’, then you absolutely must give this venue a try! I think I need to make more of an effort to breakfast on weekends and visit Jones regularly!