Three letter words…

… or lack thereof.

Today I have no planned post to offer my readers, however I feel a need to write something to have it said to this blogosphere we call ‘INTERNET.’

There is a problem though – I don’t have much to share with my readers today, so I consulted a Daily Prompt, cheating a little by choosing a suggestion from weeks back… it suggests I write an entire post without using three lettered words.

So I’m going to just ramble on a while longer, hoping that I am able to muster up original-913385-1something at least half decent, readable, silly that my readers will enjoy 🙂

Am I doing alright to this point? (Go on, count them! None of these words above have only three letters!)

I could go on to tell my readers that Dubai is stinking warm these days – yebo it is! Sitting in middle-thirties most days, humidity well over 50% most times.

I could probably also tell ya that Cliffy went to a family last weekend 😦 – he is struggling to settle in as is expected – it is only 8 days so more time is needed to judge properly. I am hopeful that he will be just fine soon enough because they seem like a lovely family!

Oh, I could also mention here that it is only forty (plus a number that comes first) days until I meet up with my sister in U S of A! (that used some careful thought!)

Goodness me, I almost forgot to mention that I will be visiting UK on my return from U S of A – I have friends there whom I’ll be staying with… three whole days! With a visit to Penn Festival thrown in as well 🙂

I have finished my nutrition course recently so will be writing my exam soon – then I plan on putting it into action, including helping some of my friends with their diets 🙂

Well, it seems like I am running short on things to share further than this… so I think that I might finish up here.


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