Week 31 – New running buddies!

Now that I’m fully recovered from my tendinitis, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and upping the number of runs per week, as well as the distances 🙂

Running is very much a ‘loner’ sport – you go out there and you do your thing for yourself.
But it doesn’t always have to be… and so when a running buddy of mine invited me to join their running club that runs in the Marina on Sunday nights I thought: “Why the hell not?!”

It gives me the motivation to run on Sunday nights because I have people to run with, it’s somewhere different to all the JVC-area running that I do since I live in that area, and it’s new faces to run with.

So I’ve done a couple of these now, but the first one was week of 30 July – 5 August, which is when this something new post was supposed to go up…

I’ve really enjoyed running around the marina, and while it’s not actually a new area for me since I lived there for a few years, the group of people is totally new, and each week they try make the runs slightly different to the last just to keep things interesting.
It’s been good exercise getting to include stairs, bridges and even a bit of sand into my runs… anything to keep things fun and interesting out there when your legs are dying and the heat and humidity are killing you 🙂

Running to breakfast – Marina

This past weekend I managed to make it out to a nice run on Friday morning, and incorporate it with breakfast afterwards again… it’s been a while since I last did this!

Nat and I headed to the marina for a run this time; not entirely sure of the exact distance we’d do, but it was sure to be somewhere around 9 km’s or so.

We headed off across the bridge from where we’d parked, looped down onto the boulevard and ran the loop around to the top end of the marina, up over the bridge, and back onto the boulevard.

At this point I decided I needed a little walk break so we walked for a short way, then got going again, along the boulevard back to where we’d parked, pushing ourselves a bit at the end as we ran up the stairs for the grand finale. Shoo. That was hard work, but it felt great… especially since we had breakfast to now look forward to!

We decided on Little More Café at Dubai Marina Mall, and met up with some friends to join us for a delicious breakfast and some well-deserved iced tea / coffees to quench our thirsts!

Week 45 – Fitness Fest Dubai

Fitness Fest Dubai is now in its second year here, but it was my first time to visit this weekend-long event filled with anything and everything that has to do with sports / fitness / healthy eating / healthy living.

JPEG was working there the whole weekend – the company she works for was putting on a football event for children and teens – and so I went through on Saturday to say hi to her and get my fitness fix for the day 🙂

I probably didn’t give the event enough of a walk-through, but the bits and pieces that I saw were really cool – from healthy-eating stations to kickboxing stalls to inflatable obstacle courses to the strongman competition. This place has it all!

Getting in was easy as I was fortunate enough to have a ticket arranged for me, which was waiting at the gate when I arrived, but for regular entrants, it didn’t seem to be too much of a bother – there were zero queues when I arrived, and even if there had been, they looked set up enough to cater for large queues.

I did hear of one major flaw on the Friday – they ran out of water! Not a very smart thing to do a) in the desert, b) at a fitness event! As I wasn’t there to experience it I can’t comment too much, but it’s still not a good thing to happen – definitely something they should consider for next year.

However, that aside, I found the afternoon enjoyable and it certainly looked like things were organised properly and running smoothly. I didn’t take part in any of the group classes / challenges that they had going on during the day, but it looked like there was always something on that you could be part of – great way to keep everyone involved!

And now, since I don’t actually have much more to say on it – here are some photos that I took of the day. Probably shows it off a bit better 🙂

As always, click on any of the pictures to open a larger gallery view