Week 6 – RAK staycation

A while ago I booked a hotel for the RAK half marathon, as one does otherwise they fill up super fast. I decided to book it for the whole weekend so that J and I could enjoy a whole weekend there and make a bit of a staycation out of it after the race.

Then my plans were shattered when I was told NO RUNNING 😦 , but I was not going to let that stop me enjoying a weekend away from Dubai… so we still headed out to RAK for the weekend! Off to Double Tree Hilton Ras al Khaimah we went!

As miserable as I was that I wasn’t there to be racing the next morning, it was actually really enjoyable knowing that I could enjoy a beer (or two) with dinner, and not particularly worry about what time I went to bed… which meant that we sat around enjoying a lazy evening 🙂

Nighttime view from the rooftop bar

Friday morning was up a tad early so that we could head out to the race and watch. It was a great morning out (albeit I was a bit emotional and miserable that I wasn’t running). There was some amazing running on the morning, and it was great being able to support friends and team mates!

RAK half marathon finish line

After that we headed back to the hotel. We thought about finding something to do for the afternoon – maybe being tourists or something – but in the end we both thought that a nice relaxed day would be much more fun. And so we just chilled around the pool and did very little else!

Full rooftop view

But in order to make it so that we weren’t total hermits, we did actually leave the hotel that evening and went and had dinner at the Double Tree Hilton Marjan Island 🙂

All in all a great little break and weekend out of Dubai – both Double Tree hotels were great and I would definitely recommend both of them, depending on your budget and needs.

And just a little something extra for this week: I watched my first-ever superbowl on Sunday night (er, make that Monday morning, 4am!)

The Superbowl!

What fun it was meeting up with friends at a pub in Dubai at 4am, cheekily enjoying a beer, and then some McDonald’s for breakfast! And at least the team I was told to support won, so it made for a really fun morning out 🙂


Week 47 – Feed me!

This past week involved a lot of food-related new stuff… yum! Thank heavens I’m a  runner otherwise I’d be a total fatty 😉 I absolutely love eating (and drinking beer 😉 )!

JPEG hosted a dinner on Thursday night, inviting a few friends over who’ve been instrumental in her time in Dubai so far – 12 years! It was a great night! Started out with delicious food and ended off with hilarious reminiscing of old times.

So, the food you ask?

Well, she introduced (me) to this wonderfully easy way of hosting a dinner party… raclette! It’s kind of similar in a way to fondue in that there is no huge meal preparation beforehand – everyone sits around the table and basically makes their own dishes out of the different bits and pieces laying around the table.

Our table!

Friday night was then a little bit different – off to a jazz restaurant for live music, dinner and drinks for Al’s birthday 🙂

We went off to Nola Eatery (Nola stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, which I learned on the weekend too!) which is located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

We all arrived at about 7pm to take part in the happy hour which finishes at 8pm, and to get cracking on the food before the band starts at 9pm.

The food was delicious! I started off with a cheese and spinach dip (which was rather filling as a starter – could definitely be shared!), and then also ordered the pulled beef sliders, because I can 😉

Pulled beef sliders

But because I was actually rather full, I ended up eating only the pulled beef and left the buns, as well as ignored the chips completely!

However, what would a night out be without at least sampling the dessert menu, right?!

So a few of us decided to sample a few of the desserts – fried beignet (New Orleans fried dough), cheesecake and chocolate brownie.