Week 28 – Family time in Zanzibar!

UGH! So much for me trying to play catch-up on my something new posts… I’m currently sitting at 3, almost 4 weeks behindΒ πŸ™ˆΒ Bear with me, please… I’ll get there!

So, before I begin I have to disclaim that Zanzibar is not the topic of my something new for week of 8 – 14 July because I did this last year πŸ™‚

The actual topic of the something new is the stuff that I got up to on the holiday, as well as the hotel stayed in.

New stuff:Β 
– We stayed at the Double Tree Hilton, Nungwi
– We visited the turtle sanctuary in Nungwi, and fed turtles
– We went on a spice tour while out on our Stone Town tour (walked around Stone Town last year but didn’t do an actual ‘tour’)
– We had lunch with our tour guide, at his mom’s house, eating food that his sister had cooked!

On this holiday, we booked an all-inclusive package at the hotel which meant that all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), as well as all drinks (alcoholic and non) were included all day, every day. So this meant that we didn’t spend a lot of time out of the hotel trying out other restaurants etc.
We did have a cocktail on the beach one afternoon, and of course the day in Stone Town involved lunch at our guides’ mom’s house… but other than that it was all at the hotel.

And I have zero complaints about it!
The food was always really well-prepared; the buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner changed all the time (theme nights for dinner everyday!); the a la carte options were enough to give variety; and the beers were always cold!

When we visited the turtle sanctuary, we met Azizi – our soon-to-be tour guide πŸ™‚
He works at the turtle sanctuary where they catch turtles that are injured, sick etc., as well as hatchlings that won’t be able to fare for themselves. They then care for these guys in various stages, and once they’re sure they’re safe to be returned to the sea, they have annual ‘release days’ where everyone can join in.

A couple of days later we were picked up from the hotel and taken through to Prison Island for a quick tour, and then Azizi took us on a tour of Stone Town, followed by lunch at his mom’s house. It was an experience that I would highly recommend to anyone travelling there – the locals are all supremely friendly and want to share their stories with you.
After that we went off to the spice tour. This was super interesting, getting a chance to smell some things in their purest form – for example cinnamon. The tree that it comes from has 2 very distinct smells to it: 1) the roots smell like vicks and 2) the bark smells like cinnamon.

The rest of the holiday was exactly what Zanzibar is so good at offering – total chill and relaxation, perfectly blue waters, and lots of fun and laughter with family and friends πŸ™‚ ❀

Here are a bunch more random pics that were taken on the holiday – enjoy πŸ™‚


Holiday time!

Just a quick one to let everyone know that I’m off to South Africa for Christmas – spending it with the fam-dam again!

Cannot wait for family hugs and kisses, some time in the bush with the animals, meeting my best friends’ baby daughter, and just getting some proper chillax time in.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully Merry Christmas – may yours be filled with love, laughter, happiness, family, friends and presents!

Merry Christmas!!!

100 happy thoughts

About 3 months ago I was reminded of a post that I did 2 years ago – a post that made me focus on finding the happy things in my day-to-day life.

I had been feeling a bit out of sorts for the longest time at that point and so I thought it would be a great idea to once again find something each day to be happy and/or thankful for…. and here are my 100 days! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Day 1 (18 April 2017) – Being reminded of 100 days of happy Hazy

Day 2 – Peanut butter cookies for lunch snack

Day 3 – Cheese and wine night at home

Day 4 – Excellent night out at dinner and partying afterwards

Day 5 – House hunting

Day 6 – Public holiday: went for a run, escape room, visited a friend who’s just had a baby

Day 7 – Fabulous easy-paced 5km run

Day 8 – Random dinner with friends – home-cooking, wine, dessert, giggles

Day 9 – Bonkers Bingo!!!

Day 10 – Landlord agreed to drop rent so no need to move; Eddie Izzard live in Dubai!!!

Day 11 – Hilarious day / night out with friends

Day 12 – Total lazy day on the couch with loads of laughs, and even managed my 2km run!

Day 13 – Last day of running for run.every.day challenge – 140 km’s!

Day 14 – Wings & Rings dinner – YUM! (1 May)

Day 15 – Skype chat with the parentals ❀

Day 16 – Sports massage for tired & achy legs

Day 17 – Curry, wine & movie night at home

Day 18 – AWESOME brunch afternoon / night out

Day 19 – No hangover; random movie night at cinema

Day 20 – Wings for life run!

Day 21 – Just a typical day – nothing bad; nothing overly good

Day 22 – Olly being silly and jumping into the fridge

Olly playing hide and seek πŸ™‚

Day 23 – Excellent 7km run at autodrome

Day 24 – Girls night out

Day 25 – Mary Poppins at The Opera!!!

Day 26 – Looooong breakfast & lunch at Crumbs with the girls πŸ™‚

Day 27 – Cheeky, unexpected HazAl evening

Day 28 – Excellent night out at pub quiz, very funny!

Day 29 – Great training session; reminiscing on photos; great night’s sleep

Day 30 – 2 very successful & interesting job interviews – what will be the outcome?!

Day 31 – Bolognese pizza at Jebel Ali Club!!!!

Day 32 – Football tournament scorer, followed by great night out on the dark side

Day 33 – Minimal hangover, ending the day off by being photographer at football awards evening


Day 35 – Fabulous morning run

Day 36 – Fun night out at work social – tenpin bowling

Day 37 – Hardcore hill session at autodrome

Day 38 – Tough A – Z session at gym which felt great to be able to complete

Day 39 – Night away in RAK – clear the head a bit!

Day 40 – Chilled evening on the couch with the housemates after a night away

Day 41 – Received contract for new job offer

Day 42 – Fun night out at quiz

Day 43 – Spontaneous night on the couch with the girls, eating cheese & drinking wine

Day 44 – Signed contract for new job

Day 45 – Resigned! (1 June)

Day 46 – Fun morning on the beach, hilarious night out with friends

Day 47 – Found a brilliant new TV show to watch – The Handmaid’s Tale

Day 48 – Enjoyable short run to clear the head

Day 49 – Excellent workout at gym

Day 50 (HALFWAY!) – Wrote speech for sister’s wedding

Day 51 – Just your standard Wednesday

Day 52 – Very quiet night at home – finished The Big Bang theory (Amy & Sheldon?!?!?!)

Day 53 – Early morning gym session, catching up with friends, games night at home

Day 54 – Burj al Arab for dinner with the girls!!

Day 55 – Paid off teeth loan early

Day 56 – Smashed my 10-minute rowing PR

Day 57 – Blue Orange prize dinner Β – mini birthday celebration for Daniel

Day 58 – Chit chat with new boss

Day 59 – Couple of beers with ex-work colleagues

Day 60 – Last morning run with Nat; Nat’s farewell – sad day, but great time out

Day 61 – Braai at a friend whom I’ve not seen in a while

Day 62 – First Pilates class at gym

Day 63 – Dinner with friends

Day 64 – Interval training – good run in this heat!

Day 65 – Work iftar / final dinner / farewell

Day 66 – Prague

Day 67 – Prague

Day 68 – Scored my first-ever goal (plus 2 more!!)

Day 69 – Very happy to make my flight home after oversleeping and missing my taxi by one hour!!!!

Day 70 – Packed for my trip home; lots of kitty cuddles

Day 71 – Fly to South Africa!!!

Day 72 – Family ❀

Day 73 – Went for a fabulous 5.5km run at home πŸ™‚

Day 74 – Bootcamp with mom & Stretch – surprise hen party for my sister

Day 75 – Stretch’s hen party (1 July)

Day 76 – Sleepover at Maaitjie

Day 77 – Sleepover at Kimmie

Day 78 – Saw Kimmie’s baby on the scan!

Day 79 – Milo milkshake & chicken mayo sandwich with Stretch

Day 80 – Dinner with Kimmie – soooo many laughs and memories ❀

Day 81 – Girlie day with mom, Stretch, Feather – breakfast & massages

Day 82 – Fantastic day at the Fairway with Stretch & Dwayne ❀

Day 83 – Just being in South Africa!!!

Day 84 – Mauritius!!!!

Day 85 – Hilarious night with the bride, bridesmaid & one of the groomsmen πŸ˜€


Day 87 – Catamaran cruise

Day 88 – Hassle-free travel with zero queues at JNB airport with transfer

Day 89 – Catching up with Villa Kunterbunt πŸ™‚

Day 90 – Start new job!!

Day 91 – Catch up at HazAl!

Day 92 – Game of Thrones, with popcorn

Day 93 – Hot but enjoyable 5km run in the park

Day 94 – Chilled night at home, on the couch, on my own

Day 95 – Great 9km run in the morning; fab night out with friends

Day 96 – No hangover; fabulous neck & shoulder massage

Day 97 – Given news that BRACES ARE COMING OFF after only 9 months of being on!!!

Day 98 – Paid for the first level of my degree; Slow enjoyable run with Sara & Ellie

Day 99 – Shopping for stationery for my degree LOL

Day 100 – Hill Training! (26 July)

Be happy!!! ❀