Finally – 8.5km’s!

This morning I managed to hit another milestone on the road to recovery – I completed an 8.5km run, without any walk breaks, and with zero pain or discomfort!

And it felt amazing! I loved every second of the run 😀

I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm this morning and lay there for a few minutes while I waited for the alarm to go off… and then I hopped out of bed, got dressed and headed out the door. I was not going to allow any excuses today!

I had no distance plan in mind – I’ve been struggling far too much for that, recently – so I just headed out the door with the plan of ‘KEEP IT SLOW’ in mind. Down to the park, 4 laps to start off with.

As I ran into the park, I came up behind / next to another runner. We kept in line with each other for the first lap. Then the second. Then the third. I then realised that we were kinda pacing each other and it felt great. I decided that I’d aim for 5 laps. Did that. Then thought: hey, let’s get 6 done and then head back towards home and see how you’re feeling then… so I did that. We stayed together the whole time and as I was coming up to the end of my 6th lap, I moved to the right of the track towards the exit gate, and so did he – he was finished his run too! So we said hi, gave each other a hi-five, and I said “Thanks for the run” and carried on, on my way.

I neared home and had just passed the 6km mark, so I decided I’d do a big loop to get to 7km’s. And when I did that and was still feeling fab, I decided I’d loop again to aim for 8km’s… and eventually finished on 8.53km’s. Boy was I stoked with myself!

Now I just need to have a bunch more runs like this to get that motivation back completely…. and continue running through summer 🙂


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