Week 33 – Ferrari World Yas Mall Run

I try and avoid malls at all costs as I end up inevitably buying something that I don’t need… but when my friends Z & S said that they were going to be heading down to Yas Mall for something completely different, I jumped at the opportunity.

This was a chance to RUN through the mall! An organised race of either 2.5km’s, 5km’s or 10km’s. Your choice. Now this sounded like my kind of mall visiting 😉

So, this past weekend we headed down to Abu Dhabi on Thursday night to make a bit of a mini-break of it.

We didn’t necessarily get ourselves a very early night 😳 and had to be up at almost silly ‘o clock, but it wasn’t too much of a drama – our plan for this run was to take it easy and have a laugh – which is exactly what we did!

We ran at a very comfortable pace, chatting and laughing the whole way through the 2 laps… and finished in just under 30 minutes! Not bad for a laugh-a-minute, fun-run, silly morning out!

This was the inaugural race of its type and I must say, hats off to the organisers and the volunteers who made this morning extremely fun and memorable!

The registration and race-number collection was super simple and easy; the start line was well-organised; the track was laid out clearly through the mall, with volunteers to help guide you; the water stations were well-stocked (although we didn’t use them); and they had a big buffet breakfast available for runners after the race – although we ended up eating at Shakespeare & Co. so I cannot comment on what the food was actually like.

We all had a super fun morning out and would highly recommend this run to anyone who’s not tried it 🙂


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