# 36 – Arts and Crafts

Since moving into our new house, I’ve not been able to find the right place to hang my medals for all my races that I’ve done 😦 I had thought of maybe putting up a cork board and pinning them to that, but then realised that I don’t really have the right spot on the wall for that.

So I started browsing the interweb and I came across these great ideas to hang them from a key rack of sorts.

And then I had this great idea to MAKE MY OWN!

I’m not a very creative person (although some will argue that because of the fact that I write this blog), and I’ve never done arts and crafts like this… or maybe I did in school but for the life of me I cannot recall doing anything like this before.

So I found pictures of what I would like done, I headed down to the hardware store and found some very helpful people to ask my million-and-one questions to, put all the necessary items in a basket, paid for them all and headed home to tackle my first arts and crafts assignment!

Boy was it fun! And a little bit harder than I imagined! I had to redo the darn thing about 4 times to get it right because I kept messing up the writing… but I eventually settled on the final outcome, and even though it’s not perfect, it shows that it’s hand-made, and it’s my first attempt, and I’m super proud of it πŸ™‚ Now just to have holes drilled in the wall so that I can hang it up…

And I now have a whole tin of paint (albeit a tiny one, but you can barely tell I’ve used any of it!) to use…. I’ll need to start thinking of the next assignment πŸ˜‰


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