# 20 – Taste testing

Boy is this week giving me something excitingly new – from the last 2 weeks where I’ve had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for having done something new, this week comes out trumps!

I was invited to a taste testing evening – through my blog!! This very little blog that you read right here before your eyes… mynuttydubai! The folks over at Sushi Counter loved the post that I did on the Dubai hen night and so they asked me to come try out their new menu.

Now one more thing to add to the new for this week, related to this taste testing experience before I get right into the whole night – I don’t eat seafood, fish etc., nor have I ever been a fan of sushi (duh, because it’s raw fish!) So when I sent off my happy little RSVP saying that I’d love to join, I added in my disclaimer there that I don’t eat seafood / fish. I kept quiet about the sushi side of things because then they’d rescind my invite – can’t exactly go to a sushi tasting and not eat sushi 😉

I was allowed to bring a +1 so I asked RB to join me, since it was thanks to her organising with Sushi Counter for the food at the hen night that I got to blog about it, and therefore got the invite to this taste testing evening.

I picked her up after work and off we went – RB and me, a little deer in headlights not knowing what to expect at all (and planning my route back home past the nearest fast food place in case I end up starving due to not being able to eat anything 😉 )

Sushi tasting!

And I am extremely pleased to say that I practically rolled out of there! I stuffed my face with veg and / or beef sushi all night long (ending off with a delicious caramel macaroon, naughty, but oh so nice!) and RB was in the same state I was, although she stuffed her face with all of the options that we had on the tasting menu 🙂

This is how the night went…… On arrival we were greeted by the marketing team and waiters handing out deliciously refreshing juices, and shown to a table where we got comfy. We were given a sheet of paper (score card) which had the names of all the sushi we’d be trying. Only 1 on the list did not include fish – I was nervous! But the team there saw my worry and immediately came over and said they are aware of my no-fish-eating request and they will be offering other non-fish items 🙂

And then to make it even more exciting for me, the chef came over and asked how things were and when I told him I don’t eat fish he offered to make me some of the sushi on the menu without the fish in it. Winning!

My personal favourite of the night was the mango avocado California roll (it was meant to also have salmon in…) – I absolutely recommend heading over to Sushi Counter and trying this one out (probably keep the salmon in if you’re a fishy person 😉 )

The night was extremely enjoyable, ending off with a goodie bag handed to us as we left, and as a first-timer to this whole tasting thing, I’d say it was a win. Go on, get yourself off to Sushi Counter and satisfy that hunger! Yum!


Then just to completely top off the week, I have to also add in here one other new experience that happened that deserves at least a little mention at the end here:

  • I ran every morning this week – yes, MORNING. Now for Miss ‘I hate mornings’ over here, that’s a HUGE feat (and this statement includes the run that I will be doing tomorrow morning, so that’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings all in a row 🙂 )



The comments and opinion above are entirely my own, and in no way reflect the opinion of Sushi Counter, nor anyone else present at the tasting. I am by no means a food critic, nor is this post a critic’s review of the night, nor was I sponsored in any way for the review (crikey, this was my first experience!) so all comments are based on my personal experience. In terms of the actual food review, that was given to Sushi Counter on the night so I have not gone into much detail on that – you’ll have to visit them yourself for your own opinion (especially seeing as this was my first sushi experience!) 


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