Weekly Photo Challenge: The colours of the rainbow

This week’s theme (ROY G. BIV 2) was posted with 2 options on how we can interpret the theme… either have a look at your photos for photos of rainbows, or go out and take 7 photos, each representing a colour of the rainbow.

I have posted the first option of the rainbow(s) here, but I noticed that in the past few days I had taken a few random shots when doing my photography course where they randomly focused on some of the colours… so I went out and took photos to complete the 7 colours 🙂

I was a bit thrown by the whole Indigo / Violet part because some pictures show these colours as a pink/purple combination, some have a bluey / purple look to them, some have 2 shades of purple… so I hope that my colours aren’t too far off!

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