Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Open Topic – Light it up!

I randomly stumbled upon one of these photos and decided that it would be a good theme for Cee’s Open Topic this week – makes it a bit easier then for me to try find photos to use 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy:)

Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit

Now a similar photo but slightly different angle, and I’ve played with the colour accent a tad…

A hint of green

A hint of green

Dubai - as seen from Burj Khalifa

Dubai – as seen from Burj Khalifa

Again, a similar photo but from a slightly different angle…

Close up

Close up


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

“Boundaries impose limits on us, whether they’re social constructs or real, physical objects . They’re there to stop us from doing or saying what we actually want to. But they also give structure to our actions and frame our movements. In photography, they help our eyes make sense of what we see and convey a sense of visual narrative. They constantly invite us to push against them.”

I’ve gone with physical boundaries for my interpretation of this week’s theme… enjoy 🙂

Click on any of the images to open up a larger image

Weekly Photo Challenge: From every angle

I’m going to use a terrible excuse now as to why I’ve not got the best entry for this week’s challenge on “From every angle” – TIME. I don’t seem to have enough of it this week.

So, I’ve just hastily chosen a theme that randomly popped into my head – I will try take some better photos specifically for this challenge and post them too!

The photos that I’m using for now were taken in 2009 (quite possibly on my phone…) when I was working down at Yas Marina for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix. It was quite the experience! My photos are of the Yas Viceroy Hotel – the track goes underneath the hotel in a small section!

And then a final photo of the whole structure: