Week 22 – Running to Breakfast: Barefoot on the beach

This week’s something new goes back to basics – running barefoot, on the beach, and enjoying a delicious breakfast post-run!

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try a run on the beach – barefoot. You’d think that since I live in a coastal city that I’d be at the beach, or running on the beach, regularly… but no. Not me. I have once ventured onto the beach during a run, but it was in shoes… so this was a chance to try out something completely new 🙂

I rounded up my 2 faithful running buddies – Nat & Sara – and we met at the beach bright & early on Friday morning.

We walked down to the shoreline, took our flops off, and headed out along the beach for a casual, slow run. And what fun it was! But boy was it difficult, and completely different to running on the road. We reached the end of the beach and started walking a bit… and all of us had the same thought: Don’t mention running again. Just enjoy the walk.

And so we did. We ended up walking the full length back. So, not entirely a successful ‘run’ but still a thoroughly enjoyable morning out, getting our heart rates up, enjoying the morning air, the water breaking around our ankles and some good old banter the whole way 🙂

Once we were done, we wanted to head out for something to eat as we often do after our runs, but with it being Ramadan many restaurants are closed during daylight hours… but we managed to find a restaurant in The Movenpick Hotel that was serving breakfast 🙂 So we headed off to The Talk and filled our hungry tummies with delicious breakfast, and tasty & refreshing fresh fruit juices. Yum!