Weeks 13, 14 and 15 – 6 girls, 1 minion, 3 countries, 12 days

Boy oh boy has this been an incredibly hard post to put together! From choosing which photos out of ~2000 to use, to trying to find the right things to say to sum it all up…. I have to apologise for it taking so long to get this to you but I’m sure you can understand?!

In order to get this out without much further delay, I’ve decided to focus on the photos of the holiday which can tell their own story in a gallery below. I’ve also included a few bullet points on each country to help with a bit more detail… in time I will dedicate full blog posts to each country. Watch this space for more details, but for now, I hope you enjoy my photos 🙂

Week 13 – Vietnam

  • Lots and lots of driving, changing hotels every night
  • Very fast-paced

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Week 14 – Cambodia

  • Arrived by boat after a 5.5 hour journey along the Mekong River
  • Absolutely loved Siem Reap
  • Great food everywhere
  • Did not eat any spiders, scorpions or the like 😉
  • Got attacked by monkeys at Angkor Watt – one of the funniest days of the holiday by far

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Week 15 – Pattaya

  • 2 of our group said goodbye to us when we left Cambodia, so just 4 of us girls (and a minion) running around Pattaya together
  • Watch this space for a Cocktail Vans drinking tour which we did one night!
  • A much more relaxed part of the holiday involving lots of beach / pool time, late mornings and lazy days
  • I got a third tattoo 😳 I’ve named him Cliffy (for those of you following me for a while you’ll remember my cat Cliffy ❤ )

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** I have chosen only a handful of my photos that give a very basic idea of the holiday – you can follow my blog to watch as more photos unfold in the photo challenges that I take part in every week, or when I add in a random post with more holiday rambling 🙂

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Signs

This is such a fun theme that it was actually done a few months ago as well – I had to make sure that I didn’t use any of the same photos for this week’s entry on Signs, but it was easy because I seem to have LOTS of photos with all sorts of signs in them.

Enjoy 🙂

Tiny village in Laos

Tiny village in Laos

Beach activities in Phuket

Beach activities in Phuket

Street sign in Los Angeles

Street sign in Los Angeles

One of the most famous signs in the world... in Beverly Hills ;)

One of the most famous signs in the world… in Beverly Hills 😉

My favourite kind of sign :)

My favourite kind of sign 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

In your photo this week, share something unabashedly ornate — where it’s clear that the creators pulled no stops and went all out. Whether it’s a breathtaking triumph or a total train wreck, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’ve taken photos from a few different places that I’ve been to over the years – I couldn’t just pick one photo or one city, so I hope you’ll enjoy my submissions for this week 🙂 You can click on the images for a larger view.

And this last one is a bit of a stretch but I loved the detail on arriving at Bangkok airport.