# 47 – Go for golf

Looking for a lovely day out in Dubai – grass, cold beer, good food (pork sausages!), friends and sunshine?

Well, once a year there is this “little” thing called the Race to Dubai – the DP World Championship Golf Tournament. It truly is a fabulous day out! And you should try it!

I joined a few friends for a few hours on Friday and since it was my first time to an event like this, I made sure to take my camera for some fun shots!

After munching on some sausage rolls and stocking up with our beer cooler bag, we headed off to find a comfy spot at the 14th hole – wait for the golfers to come to us!

I know a tiny little bit about golf – mostly just stuff that I’ve heard people speak about, certainly not enough to hold my own in a conversation… so I am not going to try and impress you with tales of what went on while we were there. Instead, I’ll just share my photos with you and say again – get yourself there next year if you’ve never been! Best of all – it’s free entrance! (Click on any of the photos for a larger gallery view)

My bucket list

the-bucket-list-2-1024I have never sat down and put any thought into what My Bucket List would be… and although I’ve seen the movie The Bucket List, I’ve just never felt inspired to do it…. But I’ve recently changed my mind and finally put together a bucket list of things that I would like to achieve (including some that I’ve done already that are totally bucket-list-worthy) while I am still able to. I’ll update this post as time goes on, ticking off each item as I do it, and more-than-likely adding to the list 🙂

In no specific order, I give you my bucket list – please feel free to share and use my ideas!

  1. See the (new) Seven Wonders of the world (as per this wikipedia list)
    1. Colosseum – done in 2002 when I travelled around Europe on a Contiki tour
    2. Great Wall of China – ran a half marathon on the wall in May 2019, with my mom and a few friends 🙂
    3. Petra
    4. Chichen Itza
    5. Machu Picchu
    6. Taj Mahal
    7. Christ the Redeemer
    8. Great Pyramid of Giza (Honorary Status) – rode in a horse-drawn carriage to see these wonders, March 2019, when visiting Egypt to watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Get my photo taken with a well-known celebrity (I’ve had a drink with a South African celebrity, Ross Learmonth, lead singer of Prime Circle ; I’ve hung out with Glenn Hodgson from The Parlotones; and I’m related to Brendan Jury of Urban Creep fame, but am looking for this to be a real-eel “Hollywood” celebrity 😉  )
  3. Go on a Russian cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow
  4. See the 7 Natural Wonders of the World
    1. Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
    2. Harbour of Rio de Janeiro
    3. Grand Canyondone in July 2015
    4. Great Barrier Reef
    5. Mount Everestdone in February 2015 (did a flight to see the mountain; see #37 for a more detailed item)
    6. Paricutin
    7. Victoria Fallsdone in July 2010
  5. Stand on a glacier – I completed this in 2012 when travelling to Germany for a for a friends wedding; we visited the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland. Here’s my blog post about it 🙂
  6. Go backstage at a concert
  7. Visit 50 countries – as of September 2019 I am sitting on 43
  8. (Re) learn how to do a handstand without my feet touching a wall (Started this in 2016 🙂 )
  9. Attend a masquerade ball
  10. Run 5km’s in under 25 minutes (my personal best is currently sitting at 25:49)
  11. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours (finally achieved this in Feb 2019 at RAK half marathon!!!)
  12. Watch turtles being born in Oman
  13. Have a white Christmas
  14. Attend Rugby 7’s in Hong Kong
  15. Learn to play guitar
  16. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
  17. Visit Las Vegas and New York City – done in July 2015 with my sister
  18. Float in the the Dead Seacompleted August 2016
  19. Run an international half marathon (i.e. one that I have to travel out of UAE for, and other than the midnight sun run in Iceland) – one option that I’ve come across is the Disney Half Marathon (ran the Great Wall of China half marathon in May 2019)
  20. Run the midnight sun run in Iceland (preferably with friends 🙂 )
  21. Get a tattoo (sorry mom) – done in July 2015 (sitting on 5 as of September 2019)
  22. Run a vertical marathon (Emirates Towers, Dubai, or elsewhere in the world) – done 3 October 2015, Hilton JBR
  23. Buy a brand new car – did this in August 2014; my zippy little Mazda 2 (and I paid cash for it!)
  24. Buy a house
  25. See the migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania/ Kenya
  26. Witness the Botswana great floods
  27. Fix my teeth (I have an overbite and a few of them are slightly skew 😦 ) October 2016 this is happening – check back in approximately 18 months 😉
  28. Have laser eye surgery to not have to wear contact lenses anymore
  29. Finish reading the Discworld series
  30. Make a pink zebra cake (this one’s been added in purely as something silly – I came across this recipe and thought it would be hilarious to do this!) Completed October 2015
  31. Reach 1000 blog followers
  32. Travel First Class
  33. Take part in something similar to “The Amazing Race”
  34. 5 (then maybe 10 😉 ) unassisted pull-ups
  35. White water rafting (completed in February 2015 in Nepal)
  36. Successfully complete a beer mile (completed in July 2019 with a bunch of crazy friends)
  37. Hike to Everest Base Camp
  38. White water rafting in a 2-man canoe
  39. Visit all 7 continents (as of March 2015 I’ve done 5 = Africa, Australia, North America, Europe, Asia)
  40. Throw a dart into a spinning globe and travel to where it lands
  41. Stand on the International Date Line
  42. Stand on the Equator Line (thanks to Dailyphotofun for this idea!)

Exercise freak

I’m by no means a religious person so lent has never been part of my vocabulary. However, a few days into what would be lent for everyone else, I decided that instead of giving something up, I would add something in. Exercise.

Yes, I already do a fair amount of exercise with my running, kickboxing, pilates, gym etc. and am reasonably fit… but this challenge was to exercise every day for 40 days. I put myself to the test.

My exercise routine each day was quite simple – get at least 15-20 minutes of exercise each and every single day for 40 in a row. That could be a simple walk to the mall, a run, ab work at home, etc., etc., etc. Of course it helped that I also started the office fitness challenge as this motivated me a little more, especially over weekends, to earn my team some points.

And boy was I pleased with how easy it actually was… even on weekends when I had had a big night the night before; going for a walk really helped clear the head, got me the exercise I needed and got me the points!

Day 32 saw a curve-ball thrown my way when I slept funny and messed my neck up, but I did not let it stop me… I made sure that I was doing something by walking up stairs instead of lifts / escalators, and doing the office exercises that are part of the office challenge.

But, I hate to say that I failed at my 40 days 😥

I completed Day 37, but then Day 38 and Day 39 I had to travel for work and attend full day meetings that required a huge amount of admin work pre- and post-meeting and therefore ate into all of my waking hours (excuses, excuses I hear you scream… but it’s truly tough!)

However, I finished off the intended 40 days with a little run around the area where we work in Kurdistan 🙂


And here’s my workout schedule 🙂

40-day schedule

40-day schedule