Week 28: Married in Mauritius!

Well, not me!

But my sister and her amazing man recently tied the knot in Mauritius and I was there ❤

Following on from the celebrations in South Africa,  a large-ish group of family plus the bride & groom’s best friends headed off to Mauritius to be part of the actual wedding event – a total of 15 in our group for the holiday 🙂

We stayed at Le Victoria, on the north-west coast of the island, which offers amazing sunsets because, of course, you want beautiful sunset shots at your wedding!

From start to finish, this 4-day holiday was simply superb. All-inclusive packages meant that you could eat & drink to your heart’s content from the minute you opened your eyes in the morning, until you closed them again at night. There was no shortage of food, refreshments and most definitely fun & laughter.

And having a wedding on the beach meant walking barefoot on the sand – what a treat!

The wedding was nothing short of spectacular! From the wedding coordinator to the photographer and officiator, these guys really made this wedding a dream come true for Stretch and her man. And they could not have wished for better weather even if they’d tried… the skies were gloriously clear and blue during the day, with perfect clouds coming in to offer up the most magnificent sunset.

And all of this was followed by a scrumptious dinner set out on our own private stretch of beach 🙂

The day after the wedding celebration, we all hopped onto a catamaran and cruised out to a smaller island where we spent the day lying in the sun, snorkelling onshore, enjoying freshly cooked lunch and the locally made rum 😉

Wedding 3 of 4 for 2017, perfectly done and dusted!

Week 27: A fair event at the Fairway Hotel

My sister has just gotten married in South Africa and of course I was there, by her side!

Part of their wedding celebrations was to have a ‘celebration lunch’ at The Fairway Hotel, where extended family and friends were invited to join in the fun & merriment on the day.

Although the weather was a bit dreary and miserable on the day, we were not going to let anything dampen our spirits as we prepared for this joyous occasion ❤

Up bright and early in the morning, my sister and I headed off to the hairdresser to get our hair done, a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast 😳 and then off to the venue for make-up, champagne, photos and eventually the big party!

Guests started arriving while we sipped the last few drops of champagne, make-up all complete, fully dressed, giggles and tears aplenty as the photographer told us to stand this way and that.

Sooooo pretty ❤

While this wasn’t the actual ‘wedding’, it was treated largely as such and so it meant that bride and groom did not see each other until the very last minute, there were speeches, there was dancing, there was food, beer and drinks, and there was a lot of love in the air.

The day / night went off with no glitches as everyone enjoyed the speeches, stuffed their faces with delicious food, survived a shot of absinthe (courtesy of the bride), danced the night away to the live music, and eventually crawled into bed (hotel beds for those spending the night!) with tired feet and happy hearts.

Absinthe – makes the heart grow fonder 🙂

The gorgeous couple ❤

Watch this space for the following entry which details the actual wedding!!!

Off on holiday… AGAIN!

What a whirlwind three weeks I’m currently in….

  • I’ve just left my job, awaiting the holidays to be over before starting the new one
  • I’m currently in Dubai for 48 hours in between the Prague holiday (blog post to follow on this one), and the visit home to South Africa
  • I’m flying home because my sister is GETTING MARRIED!
  • We’re off to Mauritius for the full beach-wedding celebration
  • That’s a total of 4 countries in 3 weeks: Czech Republic, UAE, South Africa, Mauritius 🙂

So with all of that going on, I will not be updating my blog regularly over the next few weeks… all Something New Posts will be updated once I’m back – and believe me, they’ll be worth waiting for!

Sister love ❤

Catch you on the flip side!