Week 21 – Match Scorer!

Last year I published a series of posts on what it takes to become a footballer.

I’ve now taken it one step further this past weekend and become a match scorer. Yessirree… Official match fixer scorer for a tournament that JPEG was running 🙂

Ready for action!

When she asked me if I’d like to help out, I was happy to say yes, but then she told me that I’d be scoring… and the panic started to set in. So. Much. Responsibility! But she gave me a rundown of what would be required of me on the day, and then told me that I’m likely to be the only person who gets to sit in shade on the day – and I was sold 😉

It was a super early start for a Friday at 6:45am – earlier than I get up most days for work! – but we’d behaved ourselves the night before and therefore it was easy-peasy 🙂

On arrival we had to set up the table, banners, lay out the medals, etc., and then my duties started. Having to receive payment from the teams as they came in, hand out ref sheets to the refs for each game they referee’d, then write the scores and MVP (Most Valuable Player) per game, and keep the scores updated at all times.

Trying to stay focused

The tips and tricks that JPEG had taught me the night before came in very handy and I had only one tiny moment of panic over the entire morning – when 2 players from different teams checked the scores, they could not believe that a particular team had won one of their games and so I had to double, then triple check myself… but it was all correct 🙂

So all in all a winning day – the girls enjoyed a very hot morning out at football, good games, a bit of music to keep the vibes up, and no mistakes or panic moments from the scorer! Boom!

Yay for Football Tournaments!