# 25 – New people, new places, new experiences

I get to lump 3 new things into one entry this week (which is why the post is a day late – sorry!) 🙂

I met some new people, I went to a restaurant / hotel I’d never been to before, and I got invited to a ‘bloggers’ Iftar dinner. Win. Win. Win!

I’ve been following a Dubai blogger over at liloneoftheashes for quite some time now. We comment on each others posts, we read each other’s twitters and apparently we were both at the sushi tasting night that I went to a while back! But of course since neither of us knows what the other looks like, we had no idea! So when I got an invite from her to join a bloggers Iftar night I jumped at the opportunity to meet this fellow Dubai blogger, and a few others who were going to be there 🙂

Dinner was held at Le Royal Meridien hotel in Dubai Marina. We decided to meet in the lobby so that we could get a brief intro to one another, and to not walk in alone. The dinner was arranged by the Social Media Coordinator over at Le Royal Meridien hotel, and while there was no expectation to blog (or have any content on any social media platform), of course I just had to include this fun night as my something new for the week 🙂

And what a fun night it was!

There were 11 of us girls in total – 2 girls from the hotel, plus a few bloggers and then some girls who were just friends of the bloggers. The night flowed really easily with conversations ranging from politics to teeth whitening, and all of us giggling like school girls at some parts of the conversations that were going on! Really great bunch of people.

The food, well, what can I say other than DELICIOUS! Oh wait, I can also say that there was no shortage of selections, a seriously impressive amount of dessert selections and just overall really fabulously put out. The stations were divided up into a roast station, a schwarma station, sushi, cold meats, salads, soup, kids section, dessert(s)… I’m possibly missing something!

I took my camera with me to get some good food shots but because we were so busy chatting most of the night I didn’t really get that many… but here are a few that I did take, just to whet your appetite. YUM!

*** DISCLAIMER: I was not sponsored nor asked to provide this review. The opinions stated are entirely my own. 

Hi from Cliffy

Cliffy and I have recently spent an abnormal amount of time together… and it’s been great!

I had to spend 2 weeks working from home for a bunch of reasons, so of course this meant spending loads of time with him 🙂 It was great getting up in the mornings, dragging myself to my laptop and sitting there all day in PJ’s or gym clothes (I was working!!!) and having my little guy meow around my feet, jump up behind me on the chair and cuddle, or just be around me all day.

One of his favourite spots that he developed was of course right in front of me, across the laptop! Being a relatively new cat owner I was not too familiar with this until I came across this post on kittens writing – although he’s no longer much of a kitten, this was certainly almost exactly how he was acting 😉

And here he is trying to share my lunch with me one day… not that he ever actually eats anything of the human food variety!

And the other reason we’ve spent so much time together lately is that we’ve just finished a 5-day weekend… it was Eid al Fitr which is the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan (feast of breaking the fast). This means life goes back to “normal” in Dubai now (not that much changed other than no eating / drinking in public and no live music… and a few other things 😉 ).

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!

Eid Mubarak

HintHunt in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, follow clues to solve mysteries, be locked in a room with 4 friends, and watch the clock count down from 60 minutes while you tear your hair out trying to make it out of said locked room???

If you said yes (or even no, really) to any of the above then you need to head over to HintHunt at Times Square in Dubai. Really, you said no? I promise you’ll be sorry if you don’t go!

They take groups of 3-5 people in each room; we were a group of 9 so got split into teams of 5 and 4. Knowing absolutely nothing about how this concept works, we all arrived bubbling with excitement and a million questions. But alas, they tell you very little on arrival – it all adds to the excitement and tension when entering the room that you’ll be locked in for the next 60 minutes.

Because I dare not ruin it for anyone else, all I will say is that the idea is to find clues and solve riddles in order to get yourself out of the room within the 60 minutes. Sounds easy! But these guys have done such an excellent job on hiding these clues that you will definitely get your money’s worth for that hour.

You need to bring a clear head, some creativity and definitely a whole whack of excitement!

Currently they have only one type of room available, but there are more being planned and tested, due to be opened up to us by the end of this year. We’ll be back there for the next rooms – will you be??

They don’t allow any photos to be taken so I could only get a group shot of us after the game… we stayed on the hype for hours afterwards 🙂


HintHunt – Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, +971 4 3212242, info@hinthunt.ae