Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

When I was doing my reminiscing a couple of weeks back due to being homesick, I spent a lot of time looking at old photos.

Then this week’s photo challenge came out and asked us what kind of emotion the ocean makes us feel…. well, I have a rather large amount of photos of the ocean, but the ones that stuck out first when reading this challenge were ones taken in 2007 on a girls holiday in Durban, South Africa, and they brought about a huge feeling of missing home!

I never spent much time at the beach when I lived in South Africa because I lived approximately 600 km’s away from the ocean; but when I did get to the beach, one of the constants was the sand castles (and animals etc.) that people would make along the pedestrian pathways, and one of my most-visited beaches was North Beach, Durban (Joe Kool’s regular, for any South African’s reading this ;))