The perfect hangover cure

In our house, we like to party. An array of nationalities thrown together in a house full of fun, laughter and friendship.

Which means that we not only live together, but we also party together… ergo, we have hangovers together 😉

Rugby 7’s!

And one of our favourite ways to cure a hangover is to gather on the couch once everyone starts coming to life, order pizza, followed by ordering curry later on that day / night, and watching our favourite YouTube videos, and/or our latest house series.

Some of our favourite videos include:

And so far, some of our best house series’ have been:

Things that make me smile

It’s been a bit of an emotional week so in an attempt to distract myself from feeling down, I have found things that make me smile!

Yesterday we sat and watched funny birds on youtube – one of the funniest videos was Marnie’s 5th birthday:

Then there’s this video of ducks being blown off their feet….

Then of course there’s this little alien child of mine, Emmett Button:

Happy Sunday to everyone – I hope you have a fabulous week ahead 🙂