Week 16 – First fail of the year!

We’re 16 weeks into the year and this is the first one that I’ve not been able to find something new that I’ve done for the week!

So, this is the first failure 😛

Although, I suppose I could stretch things a little bit and consider the bar that we visited on Friday night as ‘something new’ since I’ve never actually been to that particular bar before, although the night (dinner brunch at Spice Island followed by visiting a Filipino bar) has been done before.

Spice Island was the usual great night out – lots of yummy food, a really good bunch of friends at dinner, and lots and lots of laughter!

We then split up – some people wanting to head home, and some of us heading out for the big one. I wanted a big one, and so I joined the group that headed off to a Filipino bar with some live music.

We ended up at Manila 21. On arrival there was a DJ playing, but we were taken to a fabulous table facing the stage and told that the band will be back on in about 15 minutes. So we got some drinks orders in and waited… and when they came on stage we were not disappointed at all! What a great night of performing, singing, dancing, silliness and fun!

The band in action 🙂