Tuesday’s training trials

And I’m going on holiday.

But before heading off I wanted to get in a decent run this evening so I thought that I’d go for a short run (6km’s) but on my 5th kilometer I would try hit under, or as close as possible to, 5 minutes for the kilometer.

Well, everything was going better than planned – my first 3 km’s were negative splits but I was definitely starting to feel the heat…

Hot, hot, hot

Hot, hot, hot

I decided on the 4th km to drop back a bit and not hit another negative split, and rather save my energy for the 5th km as planned. As soon as I heard the little voice tell me that I’d hit 4km’s I picked up the pace drastically… but was only able to hold it for about 200 meters 😦 I backed off a little bit and then picked up again, doing this on and off until I saw where my 5km mark was and I pushed as hard as I could.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as close to 5 minutes as I’d liked to have but I absolutely have to blame the heat – it is way too hot to be doing speed training now.

I took it slow for the last km, letting my heart rate and body temperature drop back down a little bit and enjoyed falling flat onto the carpet in my air-conditioned apartment once I got home.

But, even though it was tough and I could feel my lungs burning, I loved that run! I would love to have come in much closer to 5 minutes (or under!) but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. It’s way too hot to do that. I’ll just have to enjoy some regular endurance runs for the rest of summer.

Oh yes, and before I forget – I’m off for a week’s holiday to the wonderful country of pasta, pizza and wine… Italy! I’ll be attending a friends wedding there and am not likely to be online much so watch this space for the update when I’m back.

Until then, ciao readers 🙂

Watch this space…

I’m back in the desert after a wonderful holiday with my family!!!

Unfortunately I seem to be the victim of this thing called jetlag. I’ve not ever been much of a believer in it (possibly since I’ve never suffered before), so every time I hear the word “jetlag” come out my mouth I feel like I’m making up excuses as to why I’m dead tired by 6pm and lose all sense of humour 😦 Not fun. But I cannot deny how awful I feel… and those who know me well will vouch for me when I say that Hazel and tired do not go well together… we have a very grumpy person on the other side 👿

Anyway, enough moaning…. I just wanted to say that I will be sorting through my 600+ photos over the next few days and will select the very best to show off, right here on my blog. So, please be patient while this process takes place 🙂

A little sneak preview of the family (photo courtesy of my aunt, who was taking the photo – thanks Pam :))

Family wine-tasting

Family wine-tasting

Family holidaying in Mauritius!

I have a pretty awesome mom (yes, she’ll read this; no, I’m not sucking up) because when she retired in September, she booked a holiday for the whole family, +1’s, to go to MAURITIUS!!!! How spoilt are we?! 😎

So, 8th December rolled on and we all got on aeroplanes – 2 flying from Dubai; 4 flying from Jo’burg – and we met somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on this island paradise called Mauritius, at a fabulous resort called “Le Canonnier”!

The hotel was filled with French-speaking staff (understandable, since it is a French island, and a French resort) but it was also filled with French-speaking guests… which made the holiday feel like we were holidaying somewhere in the middle of France! Don’t misunderstand me, though – I am in no way complaining! The staff (ok, most of them) were exceptionally friendly and always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Mom booked the “All inclusive package” which is an additional amount paid per person, per day, but then on top of your regular inclusions (dinner, bed, breakfast, tea & coffee in the room), you get: lunch, selected “all inclusive” beverages (alcoholic and non) from 10am to 11pm, pancakes daily, a refreshed mini-bar daily, picnic baskets (on request), and some sports (water and non) such as glass-bottom boat, archery, paddleboats, snorkelling tours etc.

The weather was not our greatest friend for the holiday, unfortunately, but we did make the most of it. Mornings were spent eating late-ish breakfasts, followed by a cappuccino (or two), and then getting on with the day in the sun, or at the cocktail bar.

One of the days we arranged a private mini-bus to take us on a tour of the island, which was fantastic! We went up to Pampelmousse gardens where they have these huuuuge lilies (which they say can carry the weight of a small child); we then went to Port Louis (the Capital City) and walked around the street markets for a bit. We continued south to the Hindu Temple and then on to Chamerel Waterfall and the seven coloured earths. From there we tried to get to Casela National Park to see some zebras (my favourite animal) but unfortunately got there as they were closing the park for the day 😦 so we carried straight on back up to the resort.

On another of the days we were up super early to get onto a catamaran at 8am and headed out to “Flat Island” where we spent the day snorkelling and had a wonderful braai (made by the guys operating the catamaran), and tasted their locally made dark rum. It was very yummy! A sweet kind of rum that was good enough to drink on its own, no coke or anything needed.

Our last night we all headed down to the beach at 6pm, cocktails and Christmas presents in hand, and had “Mini Christmas” on the beach – it was SUCH fun!

And then we all said goodbye and headed back to Dubai and Jo’burg – until the next time I see my family XX