The perfect hangover cure

In our house, we like to party. An array of nationalities thrown together in a house full of fun, laughter and friendship.

Which means that we not only live together, but we also party together… ergo, we have hangovers together 😉

Rugby 7’s!

And one of our favourite ways to cure a hangover is to gather on the couch once everyone starts coming to life, order pizza, followed by ordering curry later on that day / night, and watching our favourite YouTube videos, and/or our latest house series.

Some of our favourite videos include:

And so far, some of our best house series’ have been:

# 3 – Outdoors

The past 7 days have seen me do 2 brand new things, both being outdoors, so I’m combining them into this week’s 52 new things challenge post 🙂

Number 1 – Movies under the Stars

On Thursday night a bunch of friends were invited over to JP’s place, a projector and laptop were set up, carpets put on the ground, blankets and cushions scattered around, the microwave brought outside (and plugged in), and movies voted upon (the winners being Cool Runnings, Hangover 1 and Ted).

What a brilliant night!

All wrapped up in blankets, scarves, beanies, big socks and winter clothes, we snuggled up outside watching movie after movie after movie (although some of us – a.k.a me – fell asleep 😳 ).

Definitely a winner for many more weekends to come!

Movies under the stars

Movies under the stars (love my fancy new camera!)

Number 2 – Fireworks at JBR

This one was a sneaky little  “something new” that I threw in. Because of not being allowed to run at the moment I have been trying to walk as much as possible in the evenings. I’ve done very well at it, using all sorts of excuses to go walking; such as I’ll walk to the mall to buy cat food, or that little something extra that’s missing for dinner, or to get new contact lenses etc.

On this particular night I knew that there have recently been fireworks at JBR beach (I’ve heard and seen them from my balcony on a few occasions), so I decided that I’d take a walk down there one evening and use it as an excuse to play with my new camera a little bit more 🙂

Dubai - looking a little bit like a European city :)

Dubai – looking a little bit like a European city 🙂