# 48 – Enrique Iglesias in Abu Dhabi

It was Grand Prix weekend this past weekend, and while that’s certainly not something new for me (I’ve been every year since Abu Dhabi’s inauguration year in 2009, except for 2014), attending Enrique Iglesias post-race concert definitely was new.

I’m not a huge fan of the man, but most of his songs are enjoyable enough to listen to and they’re easy enough to learn the words so that when they’re on you can sing along to. I even have a few of his songs on my running playlist ūüôā

So, when he was announced as being one of the post-race concerts I was quite eager to be able to see him perform live without having to purchase a ticket specifically for his concert… and boy am I glad that I get to say that I’ve now seen him live!

He’s not a performer in the ways of say, Britney Spears, Madonna, or even Robbie Williams, but he is entertaining (and super delicious to look at!) and of course you get caught up in the music because the songs are so easy to sing.

He loves getting the crowd involved in everything, and during one point of the concert he made an appearance in the middle of the crowd, out where the plebs stand (you’ll see this in the ‘Hero’ video below).

Thanks Enrique for a fabulous night out!



Weekly Photo Challenge: From every angle

I’m going to use a terrible excuse now as to why I’ve not got the best entry for this week’s challenge on “From every angle” – TIME. I don’t seem to have enough of it this week.

So, I’ve just hastily chosen a theme that randomly popped into my head – I will try take some better photos specifically for this challenge and post them too!

The photos that I’m using for now were taken in 2009 (quite possibly on my phone…) when I was working down at Yas Marina for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix. It was quite the experience! My photos are of the Yas Viceroy Hotel – the track goes underneath the hotel in a small¬†section!

And then a final photo of the whole structure:

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012

Another F1 season draws to a close, and that means that another weekend of my life was spent at Yas Marina Circuit; enjoying a few beers, good company, fast cars (and the noise with them!), and after-race concerts.

This years line-up was:

Kylie Minogue – Friday

Nickelback – Saturday

Eminem – Sunday

I’ve seen Kylie Minogue in Dubai in concert before, and she’s not one of my top singers, so seeing her was only optional.

Nickelback – saw them too here in Dubai, but we decided that seeing them again won’t be so bad

Eminem, on the other hand…. he’s one of those performers I believe everyone should see. He’s got some amazing talent, and has done incredibly well for himself, and I don’t think he’s too bad a person (underneath all of the drug-related incidents, divorce, slander, being sued issues he faces). Oh yeah, and he’s got some serious hotness about him too! However, if given the option to go out and buy a ticket to watch a concert of HIS, I would probably say no. So with him being the headline act for the weekend, I was now rather excited about seeing him in person.

We went in a group of 5 which worked out really well for all fitting in one car. We had another friend who was meeting us there as he travelled at different times to us. So, all in all a friendly crowd of 6!

Friday was quiet Рalmost no problems getting a table and spending the day chilling in the beer garden. Our seats in the Marina Grand Stand were pretty good РI was surprised at how much of the track we could actually see! After the Practice Session, we headed down to the beer garden again for a bite to eat before heading across to the concert area for Kylie. We ended up staying for the whole concert which was reasonably enjoyable Рalthough I was only able to get one friend to do the locomotion with me!!!!




Saturday morning was a bit tough to get out of bed, but everyone once again met at ours for delicious bacon and egg rolls and then we piled in the car and headed back down. Today was a busy day. By the time we got there – about 2:30pm – there were no tables available to sit at so we had to stand at a bench in the beer garden…. and the beer garden filled up so quickly, to a point where you could barely move. They eventually had to stop letting people in. But the Qualifying session took us up to our seats – and what an interesting Qualifying session it was! Vettel having problems with fuel and being made to start at the back of the podium for the race. This will be interesting! ¬†Just before the end of it I headed down to grab a table where we had some nibbles for dinner again and headed over to the concert area to watch Nickelback. They were really good! M thinks he enjoyed them more when we first saw them, but the concert was nevertheless enjoyable and they put on a good show.


Sunday. A day off work for us and today we headed down earlier than the other days – ensuring we’d get a table. We settled in and had a few good laughs as we’d done every day so far. We headed up to our seats at about 4:15pm to be in time for the UAE National Anthem, the flyover and then the start of the race at 5pm. It was a very¬†eventful¬†race! 3 safety cars! A bunch of bumper bashes, and some accidents always make for an exciting spectator race. We weren’t able to really see any of the action as none of them took place in front of us, but the screens provide replays. M was very happy that Vettel did not win!

The photos of the crashes (on the screens) are a bit out of focus because I was using my little point-and-click which does not like being zoomed in very much.







Once again I headed down to the beer garden just¬†before¬†the end of the race, grabbed a table and got stuck into some popcorn before the masses arrived. We all had a nibble for dinner and then headed over to the concert area for Eminem. We were all very excited to see him! Before Eminem came on stage there was a small “screening” stating that this was to be Eminem’s first concert in 5 years after a recent bit of time spent in rehab. So, we figured we were in for a real treat!!!

And get treated we did – the man is amazing!!!!! He played a fair bit of new stuff off his new album, , but even the songs that we had no clue about were great to listen to. I was a bit disappointed that it seemed like most of the stuff we did know was made into a few different melodies, but he certainly sang a fair number of hits and kept us entertained for almost 2 hours!



Next year – maybe a yacht???