Week 20 – Hysteria!

It was time for something completely random and different for my something new… and so, knowing that Roomie was pretty much the only person who’d have a go at the haunted house with me, we met up at Dubai Mall and gave it a go.

We’d read up on it – 15 rooms of haunting scariness that you walk through. You stay in there for as long as you can manage, or until you reach the end… which possibly takes about 10 minutes. Easy peasy, right?!

I don’t really want to give too much away, however, I will say that if you’re someone who is scared of dark, confined spaces, or you battle with flashing lights, then yes, this is going to get under your skin.

Roomie and I pretty much laughed our way through it, and were done in less than 10 minutes.

It’s probably aimed more at kids / teens, but it was still a bit of fun for an evening out 🙂

PS – they’re in the Entertainer which makes the cost a lot more bearable to handle at AED105 pp (or AED105 for two when using the Entertainer).

Week 30: Cheese & Wine!

With the summer temperatures soaring above 40 °C, it’s difficult impossible to do anything social outside so we spend our time indoors, living off AC.

Another way to keep things cool is to refresh ourselves with beautifully chilled wine, fresh fruit, and cheese platters while still being inside… at a cheese and wine evening 🙂

A friend of mine recently organised a group of us to head out to Media One Hotel, Cafe M, where they have started running Thursday night cheese & wine nights for AED199. But to put the proverbial cherry on the top, they have entertainer vouchers so it works out to an impressive AED100 pp. And here’s what you get:

Cafe M

On arrival, we were seated at our table and immediately brought a cheese fondue with bread. We can then help ourselves to the wine selection (white wine standing in buckets on ice, while the red bottles are laid out for you to choose your favourite). You grab a glass, pour your wine (and then refill again and again and again…), and stop off at the buffet table on your way back to your table.

The buffet table is laid out with a large selection of cheeses, fruits, breads, crackers and other little nibbles that you help yourself to.

Part of the buffet table

Once back at your table, you stuff your face with the deliciously warm and extremely tasty cheese fondue, while trying to keep space for the cheese & crackers you’ve brought from the buffet table. And once that fondue pot is empty, they’ll bring you another one!

You need to try keep your head about yourself though because while this cheese fondue and the buffet are exceptionally yummy, there is also the dessert. And let’s not forget the CHOCOLATE FONDUE that is also brought to you once you’re ready for that last sweet taste in your mouth.

This is definitely one that we’ll be repeating!

Chocolate fondue

# 7 Fume Restaurant, Dubai Marina

I’m having to post this a little bit early this week (not on the usual Wednesday) because tomorrow morning bright and early I will be sitting in an airplane along with 7 friends, heading out to Nepal for a 5-day adventure holiday 🙂 More on that next week though…

So, for this week’s something new, I tried out a new restaurant in Dubai Marina, Fume. It’s located at Pier 7 which is a 7-storey building filled purely with restaurant/bar venues.


Fume was chosen because there are vouchers in the entertainer book, and when I arrived at Pier 7 and found it on the first floor, I thought it was coincidental that it was out first restaurant to try out 😉

I had called the restaurant earlier in the evening to make a reservation for 8:30pm but was told that they don’t take reservations and they suggest I get there before 8pm to guarantee a table. Well, my friends and I weren’t in any hurry so I ended up arriving at about 8:20pm and asked for a table – 30 minute wait. I was shown to the bar area where I could wait either inside the bar (smoking area) or just outside at some bar tables.

A waiter came up to me and showed me their bar area specials but since I was not drinking booze I just sat waiting until my friends arrived not long after me. Once they had arrived we all ordered some drinks and shortly after that were shown to a table 🙂

The menu, although not very extensive, is very interesting and everything sounds delicious! We ended up choosing 3 meals and said we’d just share everything.

We got the meatballs with pappardelle, lamb shank pie and the pulled beef brisket on a bun.

Oh my goodness!! All 3 meals were absolutely gorgeous (I didn’t even have time to think to take photos of anything 😉 ) We sat chatting for a while, watching some very interesting meals & desserts come out of the kitchen so we eventually decided to get some dessert too that we’d share.

I went for the apple & blueberry pie with custard & ice cream, W had the Monster DIY sundae and T just had nibbles of ours.

apple & blueberry pie


DIY sundae


We were all very disappointed when the DIY (do-it-yourself) sundae arrived at the table looking exactly as above – already done! Where was the DIY in that? But it couldn’t have bothered W too much because it didn’t take him very long to finish the dish 😉

Mine was very tasty, but I would have preferred a bit more apple in it – personal choice only… I’m actually not a huge fan of berries.

It was a very enjoyable evening overall, great service from friendly staff and delicious food! We’d definitely go back, but we still have 5** more restaurants to try… one each month for the next 5 months 🙂

  • Asia Asia
  • Cargo
  • The Scene
  • Abd el Wahab
  • Atelier M
  • Ocacti

** We have decided to not go to Ocacti because we’ve all been there before and T&W weren’t very happy with it when they went there the last time.