Butternut salad

I have a confession to make…

Since moving into the villa, I have been VERY bad with cooking meals for myself. In fact, I almost never do it anymore. Lazy old habits creep back in way too quickly and dinner quite often consists of egg on toast, peanut butter and jam on toast, 2-minute noodles, microwave dinners, delivery, bottle of wine shared with JP… the list goes on.

But, on the odd occasion I remember that I have stuff in the freezer that can be turned into an actual meal, and I then do something about it… like this butternut salad that I made a few weeks back (ok, I know you’re going to judge me that it was frozen butternut that I simply cooked up, but meh. That’s how it goes 😉 )

Made in South Africa - Butternut & Sweet Potato

Made in South Africa – Butternut & Sweet Potato

It was yet another very simple, throw-together meal that came out absolutely delicious, and very much on the healthy side too 🙂

  1. Follow instructions on the packet to make the butternut and sweet potato
  2. Chop up other chosen ingredients to throw in – I did onion, tomato and beef sausages
  3. Fry them all up
  4. Boil an egg (I had one in the fridge already – I often have boiled eggs lying about in the fridge for healthy snacking)
  5. Put into a bowl
  6. Place egg on top
  7. Season to taste (I used pepper and a bit of Mrs Balls Original chutney)
  8. ENJOY!
Chop them up

Chop them up

Fry them up

Fry them up

Gobble them up

Gobble them up


Student’s dinner

End of the month?

Salary running low?




Well, I have just the solution for you!!!

This was not intentional, however last night’s dinner was the perfect student’s dinner (or for anyone suffering from spending their salary before the end of the month 😉 )


  • 2-minute noodles
  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Bacon


  1. Clean mushrooms
  2. Chop up mushrooms and onion
  3. Fry up mushrooms, onion and bacon
  4. Boil kettle and make 2-minute noodles
  5. Throw everything in a bowl, mix and ENJOY! (And yes, I do eat my 2-minute noodles with a knife 😛 )


Easy, healthy egg muffins

I’ve made these a few times now and always thought that I’d posted about it – but when searching my blog the other day to give someone the recipe I realised that I actually hadn’t. So, it was the perfect excuse to make them again 🙂

It was so long ago that I don’t even have the recipe that I followed to link back to in order to give that person the credit that they deserve… sorry!

I spruced up my latest version of these that I have just made, and they are the ones that I’m going to share with you today… not just egg muffins, but bacon & egg muffins. YUM! And this idea was courtesy of a friend who posted a photo on Facebook, so, thanks for that!

The muffins are super easy to make – grab whatever ingredients you want to, chop up where necessary, crack open the eggs into a bowl, add the ingredients, whisk together, pour into a muffin pan, and bake at 200ºC for approximately 15 minutes. And Viola! Egg Muffins!

Fresh ingredients - onion, peppers, tomato

Fresh ingredients – onion, peppers, tomato

I normally use 6 eggs for 6 muffins, but the eggs I had just bought were a bit small so I had 3 large eggs and 4 small ones for 6 muffins.

For this particular version, I took a piece of bacon and wrapped it around the inside of the muffin pan, then poured the eggy-goodness in, then added a little blob of mozzarella cheese into each muffin and popped that into the oven!

Bacon bases

Bacon bases

Ready for the oven, with the mozzarella cheese thrown in

Ready for the oven, with the mozzarella cheese thrown in

The delicious-ness that is...

The delicious-ness that is…



Covering them to protect them from the cats while they cool down

Covering them to protect them from the cats while they cool down

Some alternate ingredient options could be mushrooms, sweet corn, bacon bits (instead of wrapping around the base), sun-dried tomato, probably fishy-things for those that way inclined… the list is endless!

Have fun, and enjoy 🙂