Week 18 – Exams, and post-exam celebrations!

I am finally done with studies and exams – well, for the next 5-ish months at least 🙂
What a week it has been!

I had the week off work last week to assist me with my exam preparation – I had no idea how stressful it was going to be and decided that since I had the leave available, I may as well spend my hours at home studying instead of trying to cram everything in in the evenings when I got home.. and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I woke up each morning when my body was ready, then hit the gym, and then got stuck into studies for a good 6 hours or so each day… and then wrote 2 exams!

What an experience that was! Obviously I’ve experienced a similar situation before when I left school, but honestly, I barely remember that time in my life (it was very many years ago!) and doing it all again as a full-blown adult (GAH!) has been a massive challenge. And I still have at least another 3 years ahead of me before I get to say that I do indeed have a degree to my name… but, we’ll worry about that as the time goes on.

For now it was just focusing on these 2 exams… which I’ll only get my results for in July/ August so watch this space!

And of course, writing exams meant that there needed to be some post-exam celebrations and my friends did a fabulous job of helping me through that 🙂

The celebrations started on Friday immediately after the exam when I went past J and we cracked open the first beer… and then carried on that night at a pub with friends.

And the big one was then going to watch Monty Python’s Spamalot at the Opera on Saturday evening! What fun that was!!! I am a massive fan of Monty Python and when I saw these tickets go on sale I immediately bought a bunch and then recruited some friends to join me 🙂 And it was the best time! I laughed away all the stress from the past few months… definitely a perfect way to end off the post-exam celebrations!

If you’re a fan of Monty Python, I highly recommend seeing this show! The actors are absolutely brilliant, and the cast have been chosen so well for their parts that they actually look very similar to the cast of the original ‘Holy Grail’ movie! It is super impressive!

I now look forward to having my evenings to myself again (am expecting a fair amount of boredom!) and having the time to get out there each week and work on these something new’s again!

Week 4 – Sophisticated Saturday nights

It’s time to get those date nights that I mentioned off to a fabulous start… and what better way to do it than at dinner and a show?!

We started off with dinner at the reasonably-newly opened Sean Connolly restaurant on the rooftop of Dubai Opera. Now as we know, I know nothing about world-class chefs, but I’ve been told that this dude is the shizzle… so why not?! 🙂

(taken from a Google search)

They offer a 2- or 3-course pre-show set menu, alternatively you can order off the a la carte, or bar snack menus… no shortage of choices here! And everything sounds SO yum!

We opted to try out a starter on the a la carte menu to share, because it sounded sooo delicious: watermelon, strawberry, tomato, torn mint, whipped feta. YUM! And we then had the 2-course pre-show menu. J opted for the sushi & chicken, and I had the waldorf salad and steak. Everything was just fabulous!

We then made our way to our seats and got comfy – ready to enjoy the show…. and enjoy we did!

I’d have to say that while it’s not one of the best shows I’ve seen at the opera (not much can beat Mary Poppins), it was still thoroughly enjoyable – and those voices! Man, I had goose bumps when “Don’t cry for me, Argentina” was sung. Absolutely gorgeous!

The show is only on until 3 February so if you don’t have tickets and are planning to go, best you get buying! And I highly recommend a visit to Sean Connolly pre-show, even if only for a cocktail 😉

Week 41 – Jersey Boys

It was a quiet, pretty routine week for me last week so I’m clutching at straws a bit here for my something new… sure, the show itself was new to me, but the entire outing was doing what we’ve done a few times now – attend a performance at The Dubai Opera.

However, the show was by no means mundane, boring or routine.

It was fantastic!

The show is basically the story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – how they came to be and their up’s and down’s of ‘stardom’, and it’s all presented with some absolutely amazing talent on stage. They had me bouncing around in my seat, singing along, clapping and ‘dancing’ as much as one can while seated 😉

The highlight for me was definitely ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’… which I can’t help but think of ’10 Things I hate about you’ whenever I hear the song 🙂

And here’s the original 🙂