A stag-do and a Moto GP

The boys wanted to go to Prague for Alex’s stag-do – they’d heard it was great for *those* kinds of parties… and at the beginning of the planning stages, I was to be the only girl, so it was likely that I would end up kinda doing my own thing around Prague – at least, in the beginning of the 2-night stay.

However, plans evolved as the trip grew closer, and in the end we had 3 girls in Prague, as well as a side-trip to Germany, Chemnitz (Murray and I) for the Sachsenring MotoGP.

We left Dresden in the rain, and headed east by train to Prague.



Being only a 2-night stay here, it went very quickly… the boys did their thing on the first night, and the girls did theirs.



The next morning (Sunday), Murray and I got up early and headed back into Germany, driving our little rental car, and making friends with our GPS… trying to find Chemnitz for the MotoGP race at Sachsenring.

What an adventure!!! I have never been to a real-live MotoGP before. I’ve been to Kyalami racetrack with races on the go, but never a MotoGP – and being there with Murray was fantastic as he’s such an avid fan of the sport.

We got royally lost just trying to get out of the central district of Prague that we were staying in because there were crazy road-works going on, so our little GPS was getting very upset with us not going the way she wanted – and having to re-route us all the time. But, once we were on the open road it was really easy. Crossed the border into Germany (didn’t really even see it happen!), but you could tell the difference in the languages – now all signs were in German!

We got to the area near where we knew we should be, however, we could not find any signs on where to go – not a single sign post for the GP! You would think, an international race like this, that happens every year, would at least have ONE sign telling you where to go. So much for that German efficiency we’re used to LOL.

Anyway, we eventually stopped and asked, and lo and behlold – we were right there… just had to make 2 more turns, and wham! Motorbikes, noise, and cars everywhere!. We parked, and then had to walk ages to find the entrance (again, no signs), buy tickets and eventually made it inside about halfway through the main race.


We found a hill, climbed up and watched the race. Unfortunately the results were not as Murray had hoped, so I won’t go into too much detail on that 😦


We then decided to grab a beer and some food, and waited for the next race before going back to Prague. And the heavens then opened! It absolutely poured with rain for about 20 minutes, causing the next race to be delayed for a while. Once it stopped, we made our way back to our little hill, watched some more of the race, and then headed back to Prague – another 2 hour journey – we met up with everyone for a very chilled night of eating and having a few quiet beers.


Natasha, Murray and I spent the last hours of our stay in Prague, the next day, on a walking tour of the city, which was probably one of the best ways to see it!

Below are a few of my favourite photos.








From Prague, Murray, Natasha and I got on another train – this time overnight – and headed even more east to Krakow, Poland for 2 nights.