Week 11 – SURPRISE!

When I received an invite to attend a friend’s wedding in South Africa in Cape Town, I knew that I had to combine it with a trip to Johannesburg to see my family…. and when I looked at the dates and how they all fell, I saw that the weekend immediately before the wedding fell just a few days after my mom’s birthday and I’d be able to tie the 2 in together really easily.

And so I decided to do something that I had not yet done (and will never do again – the stress!)… I decided to surprise my mom for her birthday ❤

Of course I had to get some people involved to ensure that she would be where she needed to on the day that I needed her to be there and so I got my sister and her fiancée involved. That was about 8 months ago, and eventually the day arrived on 16 March where I eventually flew home and surprised my mom on 17 March 🙂

Leading up to all of this was a plan to get my bridesmaid dress to me (for my sister’s wedding). My mom wanted to post it to me but because my sister knew that I was going to be in SA in March, she made up some story about how someone from work was travelling, and we managed to stick to that story right until the very end. And to make it even more believable, the day before I flew home I sent my mom a message telling her that I planned on meeting this lady and picking my dress up the next day 😉

I brought in the help of my best friend to pick me up from the airport and then since I had a few hours to kill in the morning, I managed to sneak in a breakfast with my 2 besties before heading off to Sun City where the plan would all fall into place.

We (sister, fiancée and I) arrived in Sun City on Friday afternoon and unpacked our stuff from the car and then waited for the arrival of the parents. When we knew that they were close, I went into the bedroom and put on my bridesmaid dress and then waited until the family had said their usual hello’s to one another…. and then I opened the door, got the nod from my sister and walked out.

It took my stepfather a couple of seconds to put things in place, and while he was doing so, my mother turned around to face me and managed to stammer out the words “What are you doing here?!”

I held out my helium balloon and little gift and said “Happy birthday, mommy!” which of course led to tears on all sides of the family ❤

That was Friday afternoon. We then spent the whole of Saturday and then Sunday morning together, catching up, drinking beer, playing cards games, lying in the sun and just having a brilliant, quality bit of family time!

Some random photos that I took while on the mini-holiday with the family:

Weekly Photo Challenge: It was a good day

It’s taken me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge to represent ‘today is a good day‘.

Finally, after much going back and forth on recent photos, old photos, somewhere-in-between photos, I remembered that I’ve not yet shared any photos from my bestie’s wedding which was in September last year! Bad bridesmaid I am!

So, although they’re not going to be photos showing any massive photography skills, they will hopefully reflect the massive amount of fun we had on the day, from getting our hair & make-up done, all the way through to getting dressed and the finished product. Unfortunately I don’t have any final photos of the bride because by the time she was dressed I had to put my camera away and focus on my bridesmaid duties… but I promise you she looked out-of-this-world stunning 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a little something to end off the post – U2’s Beautiful Day, because it was a Beautiful Day 🙂 ❤


Going on a blogging hiatus…

But don’t worry – it’s only for 3 weeks!

I’m heading off to South Africa tonight for a lovely long holiday, catch up with family and friends, and to see my bestie get married!! I’m extremely honoured to have been named as one of her bridesmaids so I hope I’ll do her proud on the day!

So, while I am there I am not planning on spending much time online (except Facebook 😉 ), nor on my blog – I’ll have lots to catch up on when I am back.

Watch this space!!! I’ll catch you all on the flip side 🙂