I drank glacial water!!

Yes sirree I did!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The 21st July we left Munich – actually Germany in its entirety – and headed to our final destination… Switzerland. Today was a great day for travelling as we travelled through 4 countries in one day – on Murray’s birthday!

We left Germany and headed slightly south to Austria. We stopped along the way and took some photos of the beautiful rivers. (I must confess that I did yodel as soon as I stepped out the car!!)


From there we headed slightly west through Liechtenstein, which was an experience of note!

On arrival, the capital, Vaduz, seemed very quiet – barely any cars around, nobody on the streets. Just deserted. We continued to drive, hoping that we’d find somewhere to have a bite to eat before continuing to Zurich, but to no avail. We eventually found a public parking spot – filled with cars I might add – but still no people around. All shops were closed. All restaurants were closed. Ghost town! And then in the distance we heard this music of sorts… we’d like to believe that the entire country (of only 35000) city had been invited to wherever-the-music-was-coming-from. But we have no idea why the entire place was deserted. Oh well, we were there!



We left the desolate town of Vaduz and made our way to Zurich, where we’d be spending the last 2 nights of our holiday.

That evening we took it easy as we were all tired from the loooong journey.

The next morning however, we said a sad farewell to Mrs Lechner, and the rest of us continued on our sightseeing excursions… to the Alps we go!!!


We drove up into the Alps, stopping along the way to just get out and have a look at how beautiful(ly freezing) it all was. We very quickly jumped back in the car though to continue our journey up to Farkepass – 2300m above sea level.

From here we took some hair-raising corners up the mountains – I have no photos of this though as I was paying too much attention to the road (even though I was NOT driving!) – to our destination…. A GLACIER!!!! A real-eel one! That we even got to walk through! And it was here that I drank glacial water – straight from the side of the mountain. It was cold. And crisp. Here are a few photos…








From here we drove further south in Switzerland and headed to some SUNSHINE  and warmth. Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva

On the way there we passed a choo choo train!!


Lake Geneva was beautiful – so serene, warm, and very expensive!!! We did get to say hello to Freddie Mercury though.

Freddie Mercury

We didn’t stay at Lake Geneva very long, and made our way back to Zurich for our last supper night on our European summer holiday.  And when in Switzerland, you must do as the Swiss do – eat fondue!


Goodbye Europe / Germany / Czech Republic / Poland / Austria / Liechtenstein / Switzerland. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!